Saturday, July 30, 2011

There's a first time for everything!

Well, there is a first time for everything, as the saying goes.

(just ask these two)

So, I'm starting a blog. And this is my first post.
What do I blog about? Idk yet.... it's a new experience. Only time will tell.
But today, I want to tell you about a great achievement I accomplished. It was so sweet.

If you've ever heard of the Rocky Mtn. Wing Shack (it's next to Cold Stone in AF), I completed the wing challenge today. A good friend of mine named Derek Paulson accompanied me.... but he did not complete the challenge. He chucked. Ew......
So the challenge goes as such: 12 boneless wings (1.5 lbs.) lathered in XXX hot sauce. The hottest sauce they have. No drinks and/or dipping sauce is allowed, and you must eat everything in under 30 minutes.

Ya, I did that.
It was actually pretty awful though, I will admit. One of the most painful eating experiences I've ever had.
My lips went numb after 15 min., and I almost threw up.
I would never attempt it again..... my stomach was still on fire 6 hours later when I was at work.....:/
We had to take antacids before and after the challenge.
It was lunacy.

I got my picture on the wall :)
And I got a t-shirt! I'm gonna wear it with pride.
Lastly, they awarded me a $10 gift card to come back and have more wings.
Pretty great eh?

(...If there is anything you should know about me, one of the things I love the very most in this life is good-tasting food that doesn't cost me a cent. Seriously. Free food is the best. Anyway.)

Derek's little bro, Connor, documented the whole thing.... so maybe sometime I'll post a link on here.

Anyway, that's all for my first post!

Tootles for now.