Thursday, December 8, 2011

Life is Good! 12/8/11

Hola family!

So remember how I was having a hard time hearing out of my right ear before I left? Well recently my hearing completely went out in my ear.... I couldn't hear hardly anything. So I went to the MTC health clinic here, and it turns out I have an ear infection. Darn :/ I haven't had one of these since I was like 7 yrs old! Ha oh well though, with the help of The Lord, all will be well, and my hearing will come back just fine :)

As for my highlights of the week? There have been plenty. For starters, I saw Derek Paulson last Thursday on my way to the Temple! It was so sweet. He's such a stud. The temple was so good too. Best place on earth, I tell you.

On Friday, we had our first encounter with TRC (teaching resource center). Elder Paskett and I went in and spoke with a young lady named Emma. We spoke to her about faith, acting on faith, and letting her know that God loves all of his children equally (All in spanish of course). She told us she had taken spanish classes for 7 years in hs and college.... and we knew just about as much as she did! With only two weeks under our belt! Just shows you how The Spirit helps us learn at an accelerated pace. It was a wonderful lesson too. The Spirit was there and she told us she felt It. Which was good. If our investigators can just feel The Spirit, we are fullfilling our purpose as missionaries - helping others come unto Christ. We will have TRC at least once a week from now on. I'm looking forward to teaching with real people again :)

That night Friday night, the gym was closed... so some of my district and I went and ran laps around the MTC! It was freezing but it was so fun! I have probly ran and worked out more here than I have in the last year. Haha. Yesterday I was up to 3 miles! Yippee!

Then Sunday came..... and we got to watch the First Presidency Christmas message! It was awesome huh? I hoped you all watched it. It reminded me of when we went as a family a few years ago. What did you think of those awesome bible videos?! I have been on since, and there is tons of them! I am confident they will help many come unto Christ during this Christmas season. If they weren't going to be useful, the First Presidency wouldn't have done it in the first place! They are super sweet :)

On Sunday I also watched an old talk by David A. Bednar about recognizing The Spirit in our life. It was JUST what I needed to hear. I had been fasting that day for answers to those exact questions. It was a testimony builder to me that God listens to our prayers and helps us daily. It was just a wonderful Sunday. (Most of them are, no?)

So Mom, I'm so happy to hear that school is going good! I'm sorry you've been stressed out though - I know how that goes. Good job on your powerpoint though!! Maybe you can save it until I get home and I'll watch it with you :) .... That reminds me, how is the computer going? I'm sure Dad took care of it just fine. He is the man.

....Dad: Grandma told me that you've done a lot of work at their house recently. Way to go. How is your foot coming along? I think about you almost every day.

Tell everyone that I'm thinking of them and that I love them! If they're wondering, I'm just continuing to learn. Right now I'm learning present progressive and future tense in Spanish. It's hard, but it's good for me. I also started reading Jesus The Christ. SUCH a good volume. It's deep stuff, but it's great.

Well, my time in the MTC is now 1/3 over! Still got work to do. I love you all and hope that it snows this week. Ha :P

Hasta luego!

-Elder Clarke

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