Thursday, January 12, 2012

An interesting week.... 1/12/12

It has been an interesting week......
So first things first - you're probably all wondering how my surgery went yesterday. Well..... I know it's depressing but.... I still can't hear. Yep, that's right. The surgery didn't fix the problem. As it turns out, when the surgeons went in to drain my ear, they found lots of extra soft skin tissue which has grown over my ear - and they hadn't seen it before!! So it was way unexpected. They said they "think" it's extra tissue... but they don't really know what it is. So they took a piece of it out during surgery and are running tests on it right now to make sure it's not cancerous or anything. So I might end up having to get another surgery once they find out what the tissue is. It's super lame..... but ya know. God puts us through trials only to bring us higher. (On the bright side, I woke up from surgery and subconciously started talking in spanish to the nurse!!! Soo sweet hahah)

So now for some fun stuff!! (sorry if the surgery stuff is at all depressing)

Before I begin, I want to wish 1) Grandpa (the 4th), 2) Dad (the 8th), and 3) Mom (yesterday) a happy happy birthday!!!!!! I hope they were great. And I hope Grandpa enjoyed his letters from everyone :) Feliz cumpleanos, todos personas.

So this past Monday, our district had a GREAT lesson at night with Hno. Warburton. He shared with us some more of his missionary stories - He served in Long Beach, California, spanish speaking. He was an INCREDIBLE missionary!! I got me SO excited so leave. So pumped. He also challenged us to make and complete one goal every day until we leave, and we will continue to progress.

Then yesterday as I was studying Enos and his short account, realized what a STUD he is! Like really, Enos? What a man. What a man. He showed such faith and charity! He wanted his bretheren the Lamanites to be saved! And he had such faith!! If I had more time, I would go deeper into why he is the man. But really, if you're ever having trouble with your faith or prayers, look no farther than Enos. He is a great example of faith.

Next, I think I found my life motto. It's a quote by David O. McKay. I've shared it with Dad already, but I love it. "The Spirit compels us to want to be great. We can't have The Spirit and be content with being average." Isn't that crazy sweet?! I have decided I'm basing my life around that quote right there. It's perfect.

Oh Mom! We got two new districts in our zone! And guess what? Some of them are going to McAllen, Texas - spanish speaking!! I thought of you :)

Speaking of you, Mother, it was so great to be able to call you about the surgery :) I hope you weren't too freaked out when you picked up the phone and heard my voice. Really though, it was wonderful to talk with you :) Also, thank you for all the important info about insurance, new phone #, etc. I will check out the deal with my 3rd suitcase, and no.... I don't need any more treats :) You are so nice though, thank you.

Well I'm out of time for today, I'm sorry I couldn't write much! I've got to go prepare for el templo! Things are real busy these days - we're getting ready to leave!! Yay! Thank you all so much for your prayers! They really do help me! I love you all so much and I pray for you all too, every night :) Have a wonderful week!! Keep reading and praying! The church is true!

- Elder Clarke

Oh P.S.... I got an email from Elder Farnsworth this week! What a guy. He's doing great and we'll probly email eachother every week from here on out.

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