Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Whohoo Con Pics

Whoo!! I loved the letters today fam :) You guys are the best. Mom, the pictures were great too! Except dang.... Adam is getting way too big! He´s not a little kid anymore! Adam, I hope I can still throw you around when I get home. But, just so you know, I throw the little panamanian kids around out here (members little kids and such - haha). Glad to hear that Grandpa´s doin´ better, that Dave is liking school, that Utah lost to Utah State, that Scotty is a beast at football, and that Katie is goin crazy with flag twirling. You guys are the best.

Elder Whitcomb

Anyway, as for me, it´s been a great week. Such a great week of learning and growing. Elder Whitcomb and I learn so much together - but mostly he just teaches me. He´s the best missionary I´ve ever known out here. So perdon if I don´t write a ton this week, but it was a great week. Our investigators are coming right along! Some slower, some faster, but they´re all progressing. We´ve set goals with God about the baptisms we want to see this month, and it´s looking like we reap the fruits - only if we continue to work hard. Zariyet, Shelby, the familia Rodriguez, and a new great newbie - Emelivia. Wow - what a gift from God. She was a reference from Balboa and has already gone to church in a different ward more than once! We contacted her yesterday, and set a fecha for the end of the month. What a prepared gift that God has entrusted us with. I am so lucky to be able to teach God´s prepared people. Something great that has been happening recently is The Spirit I´ve been able to feel more in lessons. I have started to study the ¨How to recognize The Spirit¨ chapter in Preach My Gospel and wow, paying dividends. There is nothing funner than teaching a Spirit-guided lesson when you and your companion are both in tune.
Well, I told ya the letter was gonna be short today. I just wanna end with a scripture that I really liked in my personal reading this week - Alma 60:21. This is when Moroni is ripping apart Pacumeni unknowingly, but I love the principle behind it. Do we really think God will free or protect us if we just sit around and do nothing? It is quite the contrario - the adversary will take us as his. We must always remember to do our part if we are expecting God to help us with our daily tasks. What is our part? Reading and praying daily, fullfilling our church calling, and being a witness of Christ at all times - completing with the covenants we have made with The Lord.
Allright well that´s it for today. I hope you like the photos :) I love you guys so much!! Be safe.
-Elder Clarke
P.S... sorry the letter is a day late - we went to the temple today!!! Man. When I go home I wanna go every morning.

P.S.S.... Tell grandpa I got his letter - He is the best - such an example to me. Mom, I got your sweet post-card too!! From the Utah Railway! Hope you guys had a fun time out there.

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