Monday, November 5, 2012

LIMA PERU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 My goodness!! LIMA PERU?!? YES!!!!!! Digo, sì!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dave and I will be speaking spanish together the rest of our lives!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh I am so pleased. So so pleased. Dave, congratulations. I feel like I have such a connection to Peru all of a sudden. I will tell you that, because Panama is such an international country, there are members here in almost every ward from all over central and south america. And you know what? The peruvians are always so strong and faithful!! Always in the bishoprics here. Their families are always so knit and wonderful. The church is very strong there in Lima. Ah that is fantastic. I am so happy for you. Elder Huallanca will be happy too - I`ll have to tell him at changes :) Who is your mission president? Where`s he from? Dave. Again - CONGRATULATIONS! Now I know for sure I`ll never forget spanish! I`ll have a buddy to chat with forever! We`ll talk behind everyone`s backs and everything.... hahah :) I`m so happy for ya.
So as for me, I had a pretty good week. We worked super super hard. Didn`t have much success finding new investigators, and we had a couple of family group nights fall through, but hey - no worries. We`ve got another baptism next week! I have got to dedicate myself to working super hard this week to find some good, positive news. I am learning that your attitude makes all the difference in the work. If you have a faithless attitude, The Lord will not give you people to help - because He knows you won`t be much of a help to them with a faithless attitude! Sometimes in the mission, it`s difficult to maintain that Spirit 24/7, every day, every hour. I`m not super human! But if we continue to humble ourselves daily, and ask for help, The Lord can and will help us do super human things. I feel like the mission is stretching me so much right now. But I love being stretched - because that`s when I grow!
So about our baptism - Ariel - he is super sweet. He`s gonna be a priest. Yes. Talk about priesthood help for the ward. He has been progressing right along, and will be baptized on the 11th after church. He asks a lot of questions, but knows a ton because of it. In church yesterday, the teacher said he knew everything!! Yes :) His parents are now beginning to show interest, and I know that will be a full-member family someday. It will be huge if we can get them to come to their son`s baptism next week. His grandma - Emilvia - is doing awesome as ever. Such a good example for the family.


Ah! I`m totally out of time. I wanted to talk about the BOM - I finished it this week. BUt I`ll save it for another week. I love you guys so much and I`m so excited for Dave!!!! I hope you enjoyed the pics. Love you!

-Elder Clarke

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