Monday, March 11, 2013

Alma 43:45

Bueno pues. Ha sido otro semana muy buena en la obra y la viña del Señor.
                Today has been a good day so far. Earlier this morning in district meeting, we came upon this scripture and it really made an impact on me. It made me reflect.... "why am I a missionary?" Like my sweet Equatorian companion would say: "¡Chuso........!". No but really, I am such a blessed person to be a representative of The Lord Jesus Christ! Wow! In the scripture it talked about the sons of Mosiah and WHY and HOW they taught and preached. They did it for their families, for their Lord, and for the LOVE that they had for each of them. Man. What examples eh? I am continuing to read the BOM - I am now certain I will name a child Abinadi. That guy is so.... so incredible.

                So this week has been a good one. My companion is really a great strength to me - Elder Aguirre. I think there`s a reason we`ve been together so long - I needed to learn a lot from him. He`s always my strength when I need one. We worked hard all week, trying to help as many people as we could. In the end, we had 2 in church with us. Abdianis, and Norberto. What studs, these two. Estefany falted again!! We`ve got a lot of work ahead with her. Josè didn`t come either, but I guess that`s because yesterday was voting day here in Panamà... he had to go work at the polls. I`ve got a really incredible story coming up with them one of these weeks when I`ve got a little bit more time.

                 Ah, also. One of my favorite families in the ward, la familia Moràn, asked me to baptize their 8 year old - Angel. This guy is so sweet. I find it a big honor because the father in the family died 2 years ago. And since his dad isn`t here to baptize him, Angel wanted me to do it! He says I remind him of his dad. That`s this Friday - I`m way excited. I will send pictures? when I can find a way to fix my camera.

                 Well I know this is a way lame letter but I didn`t have too much time today. But, I`ll leave you all with a commitment to go read Alma 43:45 and try to connect it to your life. Maybe ask yourself WHY you are doing the things you do? I love you guys SOOOOO much and hope you all have an awesome week. ¡Chao!
Elder Steve Clarke

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