Saturday, November 19, 2011

Steve's 1st email! 11-19-11

Hola familia!
My first few days in the MTC have been nuts - in a good way. I was called to be the district leader on Thursday night and I LOOOVE my entire district. Me amo mucho. Guess who mi companero es?!?!?! None other than Elder Jordan Paskett. YA! What are the chances right? We are so sweet together. Elder Cam Laycock is on my floor too so we pretty much rep the dear old af high. My room is SO tight! Elder Paskett and I have two other Elders going to Panama with us in our room - Elder Hawks and Elder Peterson. Elder Hawks is from our old home - Sandy, and was a soccer player at Alta. He is soooo chill. Elder Peterson is from Cali. My coolest roomie though is Elder Fahina!! He is from Mesa, Arizona and he's going to Africa on his mission! We do push-ups together in the morning. He is ripped. He's a district leader too for a different district. He is my inspiration. He's so funny too. And my last roomie is Elder Irwin - he's from PG! Great guy.
         So the food here is amazing. The lunch wraps?!?! Daaaaang. I am eating healthy mom - you'd be proud. The wraps are unreal. I get one every day at lunch. It's like subway all over again! Except now, they make it for you :) And choco milk all the time. Comida es muy bueno.
         Language class is so fun! It's my favorite part of the day. Our teacher is Hermano Warburton - he's a student at BYU and is the coolest guy. I also saw Hermano Toone but I haven't run into Andy Cottrell or Derek Paulson yet. Mi miestro mostly only speaks spanish to us. I already know how to pray in spanish! The gift of tongues is so apparent here. I understand so much already after four days. It is all The Lord helping me. There's no way I could know this much by myself.
         Mom, glad to hear you and Dad enjoyed your letters. Dave too. There should be another on the way asking you to look up a few dates for me on my immunization records. Also Mom, I can't wait for you to be a counseler - I loved reality town in 9th grade haha. Thank you Sis. Paulson and Sis. Kendall for being so nice to my mom! She deserves it :) Glad to see you and Sis. Kendall are finding some common ground. Go Texas :)
         I love you all so much and I hope you are doing well. How did Scotty's first bball game go? Tell Adam he's a babe for me. And Katie, keep being the great girl that you are :) I've got to go grab my laundry now so I'll talk to y'all later! The Church is definately true.
-Elder Clarke

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