Thursday, February 2, 2012

Best week so far!!!! 2/2/12

BEST WEEK OF MY MISSION SO FAR!! Seriously, like wow! This week has been so amazing. So much has happened. So much to write!!

Lets just start with this past weekend - especially Saturday and Sunday. I had the BEST personal study sessions of my life! Elder Anderson and I really got serious with the scriptures. It's amazing how if you're doing the right things and praying for the guidance of The Spirit, The Spirit can lead you during your studies and reveal so much truth!! There is SO much to learn though. I don't have enough time to study! A whole lifetime isn't enough to dedicate your life to the gospel - let alone two years!! I can already tell it's gonna be hard coming home and having to make time for things other than the scriptures.

So I have been continuing to study faith right? Well, I have started highlighting in yellow every time faith, or an action/thought of faith is mentioned. My pages are filling up so quick!! Like I said last week, on the principal of faith alone rests the entire gospel and everything that we have! EVERY principal of this church can be related to faith. Try it yourself! Faith is so intregal. Check out this quote: "He does not believe that does not live according to his belief." -Thomas Fuller. I found this in the first presidency message from Thomas S. Monson in the January 2012 Ensign. Crazy no? I thought it was good. Like you all know, faith without works is dead (James 2:17). I wish I could share more about it!! Ah. Just study faith, people. If you've got some time, look at the relation between Alma 32: v. 36 (our work has barely begun!), v. 38 (neglecting), and v. 40-41 (contridiction between the two results).

Allright so first off, I'll just say real quick that I bid farewell to Elder Anderson and the rest of the Argentenian district - they're in Buenos Aires now. What an amazing week I had with Elder Anderson. He has the best heart - I know he's gonna be a great missionary. When they left Tuesday morning, I got put into my third and final district here - a trio!! I'm now with Elders Fenn and Atherton. E. Fenn is from Mesa, Arizona as well (He and E. Anderson knew eachother), and E. Atherton is from St. George. And guess where they're going?? McAllen, Texas! Crazy, no? I hope they love it, just like you did, Mom. Haha :) President Wilkins told me he's stuck me with these two to help balance out their struggling companionship. Elder Atherton has severe ADHD and moderate learning disorder, and so it's really hard to work/get things done with him. Even in only two days so far, I know it's gonna take a lot of patience.

I visited Dr. Darley yesterday. It was a real quick checkup - he said everything is healing just fine and I'm on track to leave on Valentines Day! My hearing has doubled in about the past week, and my hearing isn't near as muffled! Great news eh :) So now we've just gotta make sure we get a medical clearance from him and I'll be headed to Panama soon enough!! Mom, thanks for lettin me know about Pres. Ward and the whole mix-up down there. I informed the MTC too just in case and it looks like everything's gonna be just fine. Not gonna lie, I'm a bit nervous to fly by myself for the first time, but I'll say a prayer first. Haha :) I'll be ok. The airplane experience I've been waiting for all my life! It'll be fun :)

Speaking of Panama and all the fanfare goin on down there (Thanks for the letter from Elder Alley Mom), you'll be happy to know that I didn't miss out too much on Elder Nelson..... I don't know if you heard or not but this past Tuesday the Provo MTC celebrated their 50th anniversary here! And guess who came and spoke? Oh don't worry... Not only did Elder Nelson come and speak to us, but uh - Elder JEFFREY R. HOLLAND came!!!!! Yep. Be jealous. I have now seen two of my favorite apostles here while at the MTC (along with Elder Bednar). It was such a good meeting. Just like Elder Alley said - it's amazing The Spirit those apostles carry with them. They had such a presence! And although Elder Holland didn't get to speak for very long, it was powerful (like always). He spoke of our "obligation" to uphold our sacred calling and honor those who have gone before us. Dang peeps, it was just too good. Elder Nelson then proceeded to dedicate and re-dedicate some buildings here on the MTC campus. Also Dad, he talked about "What'eere thou art - act well thy part". And the dedication prayer - it was beautiful. I was SO lucky to be here for that! It almost kinda makes me happy I was delayed. Ha :)

Katie!!! What the! That is SUCH cool news about you singing in the Young Womens conference! Way to go!! That will be such an amazing experience for you. Elaine S. Dalton came and spoke to us a couple months ago and it's still one of my favorite talks I've heard while I've been here. If anyone deserves to sing, it's you Katie. Haha. Seriously - bienhecho.

So I just wanna thank you guys for that awesome package!! It was so so great. The letters from Scotty and Adam especially :) You guys are such studs. Thanks for the oreos, the V8, but most of all, a copy of my mission call. Mom, you wanna know something so great about you sending me that? Just a couple days earlier, we were all encouraged to "take another look at our mission calls" and re-look over the promises and blessings our calls contain. I didn't have one with me! I was disappointed. But sure enough, you sent me one without me even asking :) Thank you for following that prompting and sending me exactly what The Lord wanted me to read! It was perfect timing. So thanks again :) (P.S.... who's that quote by that you shared with me?)

I have continued to recieve tons of good wishes/letters from friends family and such and it's just overwhelming! I feel so loved and blessed. Seriously. Thank you everyone. I wish I had more time but my time is up!! Got stuff to do today :)

Love you!!!

-Elder Clarke

P.S.... my mailbox number has been permanently switched to mailbox #305 for the duration of my stay here.

P.S.... Big man Spencer Vernon. Poland!!!! What a champ. Felicidades, mi amigo. Bienvenidos a la obra. :)

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