Friday, February 10, 2012

FINALMENTE!!! 2/9/12

Voy a salir!!!!! Finalmente!!!! I recieved my flight plans a couple days ago!!!!!! I am SO stoked!! I leave the MTC Valentines Day at 3:00 AM :) :) I will be traveling with a group of 7 other Elders for part of my flight - they are headed somewhere else in central america and I haven't had a chance to meet them yet. I'll be accompaning them on my first flight of the day - to the Dallas/Fort Worth airport - where I will arrive at about 10 AM. But once I get to Dallas, I'm on my own! A solo missionary for the rest of the day. I will depart from Dallas on my own and fly to Miami, Florida for my second layover. I should arrive in Miami around 4 PM. And then finally I board my third and final flight (still by myself) to Panama City, and I'll arrive in Panama at about 10 PM that night. Crrrrrrrazy day right?! My first flight is gonna be a totally crazy adventure. All by myself :) I can't wait!!! I have about 4 hours of layover, and I'm planning on using a bunch of time just to go talk to pple and pass out BOMS. I'm gonna buy a whole bunch here at the bookstore to pass out at the airports. I CAN'T WAIT!!! I need to place at least threee. And I can't wait to talk to you guys too!! I can spend as much time as I want on the phone at the airport (as long as I make it to my flight early of course). I'll probly try calling at both airports if I have time. What a great day.
Ok so now for some good stuff :) I've had another great week. The Lord has been so merciful in blessing me and revealing to me things I needed to learn. First, a few days ago, Bishop Richard C. Edgely - first counseler in the presiding bishopric - came and spoke to us. It was fantastic. He spoke on enduring to the end, but more importantly The Spirit spoke to my heart telling me the things I needed to hear from his talk. It was such a good spiritual experience. Secondly, I had SUCH a good experience at the temple last week. I had been trying to do all the right things, be obedient, seek guidance, etc., but I just didn't really feel in tune at all. I went to the temple with a certain question in mind, and tried to focus as much as I could. Coming out of the temple, I didn't feel like I had gotten out of the session what I wanted - and to be honest I was a bit disappointed in myself. But later that night, The Lord answered my prayer and question in a way I wasn't expecting at all. It was beautiful though!!! I was so grateful. The Lord is really so merciful to us. All he wants/asks of us is to have faith and put our faith into action, and he will bless us. He WANTS to bless us - so badly (for further insight on that, look up "Prayer" in the bible dictionary)! We just have to show him first that we're willing to put forth the work. Just tender tender mercies from The Lord this week. I love it.

Another thing I've been thinking about recently is this world we live in. In a couple of experiences as of late, I've learned that we can't get too comfortable in this world. The statement "Be in the world - but not of the world" is so true!! So true. Let's not forget who has dominion over this world. Satan! This is his world and we can't forget that. It says in 1Peter 5:8 that the adversary is lurking about, trying to snap at ANY opportunity he has to bring us down. He knows this world so very well - better than any of us. We're living on his playground. So.... watch out! Haha.

The last thing I'm trying to do before I leave for Panama is edify myself. Joshua 3:5 is quickly becoming one of my favorite scriptures. I want to do miracles in Panama - literally. And I know with The Lord's help I can! Miracles and great things can be wrought - but I must edify myself beforehand. A modern example of this is also in D&C 43:16 when He encourages Elders in this dispensation to do the same thing. Edification. It's the goal.

As for my companions Elders Fenn and Atherton, we continue to learn every day together. Our lessons have improved and we're currently stressing the importance of obedience and hard work. I am just trying to do everything I can to leave a lasting impression with them before I leave. I pray for them too. They'll be good :)

I hope you got my package from Sis. Belliston and everything. Thanks again so much for that money deposit - I have had to spend a lot on co-pays and prescriptions and such. You guys are the best :)

Glad to hear everyone is doing well! Good to know Dave is still tearin' it up with choir - and the ladies ;) And Dad will be happy to hear that when Russell M. Nelson came last week he formally announced to all of us that Mitt Romney is doing well. He seems to be a fan. Haha :) I heard he won the republican vote for Florida or somethin? Awesome! Speaking of family...... would it be ok if someone emailed me all your email addresses? Even for Katie, Scotty, Dave, Dad, etc., so that I can still write them back in Panama? I think I'll be mostly communicating through email from here on out :)

Well, I have loved my time here in the MTC, pero estoy listo salir!! No puedo esperar. I have stuck to Alma 17:11 through the hard times here (Thanks Dad for suggesting it - I'm planning to write you back when I find time). I'm happy to let you all know that during my stay, I set the new 2012 basketball records for the MTC gym. My name is on the wall and everything. 9 three's in a row and 16 free-throws. Hehe :) It made me feel cool.

Love you alll!!!!!!

-Elder Clarke

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