Monday, April 2, 2012

4-2-12 Conference . . . WOW!

Greetings family!!!!

Wow, it's already April. Crazy how time flies... in just about a month I'll be calling home for Mother's Day!!! :) Sweeeeet. Can't wait to talk to all of you, and Dave, I still wanna hear that piano piece :) Also, Happy April Fools!!! It also marks the 12th anniversary of us living in our home in American Fork!!!! Good ol´ AF :) 
Ok, enough of the silly stuff. WHAT AN AMAZING WEEK!!!!!!!! Seriously! This past weekend was quite possibly the best of my mission with our baptism of Shaíd and CONFERENCE!!!! I´ve never been more excited for conference in my life, and it definately did not let me down! Such amazing messages. My two favorite talks were Neil L. Anderson and Richard G. Scott. Elder Anderson talked about the ever-famous but perfect question of "What would Jesus do?" and also talked about our daily duties, and my favorite.... miracles. And Elder Scott? I LOVED his discourse on recieving revelation and tips of what to do and not to do to better recieve it. It´s especially such an important topic for me right now, being on a mission and all. Ahhh :) They were all so fantastic though. I also really loved Elder Russell M. Nelson´s.

Conference was also cool cuz I got to watch it in English!!! They had a seperate room set up for all the gringos in the stake so we could watch it in english :) It was perfect. It was so clear to me the most important topics of the conference: sacrifice, prayer, and most of all, FAMILY. Family, family, family. Biggest topic by far. I just might refer back to this conference's notes when I have a family of my own. Haha :) Anyway, I´m just so excited moving forward to re-read and ponder the talks to help me come to a definate answer on my question I brought to conference, which was how I could become more like Christ and represent him better. I fasted for my answer earlier in the week and everything. Ah. I really just loved this weekend.

Now, for the baptism :) First off, I got to conduct the music for the whole meeting! That was fun :) I'm just trying to be like Dave. Anyway though, because Shaíd is wheelchair-bound, Elder Rich and I had to carry him into the water, and place him in a plastic chair that was pre-placed in the font. It was so precious to help that man not only become spiritually clean and make an amazing change in his life, but to have to physically carry him into the water. It was really quite amazing. Elder Rich performed the ordinance while I held his lower body and legs down. We had to perform the ordinance 3 times before finally getting his whole body under the water, but it was awesome. We then confirmed him yesterday in between the Sunday sessions. This guy Shaíd....... future bishop I´m thinkin. He has SUCH a powerful testimony and is already so strong in the church!!! I love and respect the guy.

Anyway, sorry the letter is short this week but I'm all out of time! I hope everyone is loving life and keep reading your scrips and praying!!!! It is the base of your relationship with God and His Son.

Have a great week!

-Elder Clarke

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