Monday, June 18, 2012

Feliz Dia, Papá!

Hey fam! I love you all so much and I've been thinkin' of you! I look forward to every Monday just to hear about you all! I love you so much!!! It sounds like everyone had a really good week. New cell phones, YW overnighter, Father´s and Son´s, and basketball camps!! Special shout-out to the man of the week..... Papá!! Dad, Happy Father's Day :) I want you to know you're still the best, and you´re still my hero. If if weren't for you, I wouldn´t be here. And it´s definately such a blessing to be here as a missionary. Dad, I owe you everything. Thanks again. We had an activity for father´s day here in the Ward and I thought about you a lot.

Ok, so I had an awesome week!!! Super awesome week. First off, I wanna share a quote that helped me a lot this week. Elder Rich had previously recommended me a talk to read, but I didn´t read it until this week. And dang! What a mistake. Everyone needs to read this talk. Entitled ´The Atonement and the Journey of Mortality´ by David A. Bednar, he had the following quote. ¨... pray and seek for strength to change our circumstances, rather than praying for our circumstances to be changed.¨ That is exactly what I did this week, and it helped like you wouldn´t believe. The talk was about the two functions of The Atonement - the redeeming power, and the ENABLING power - the second power that is not nearly as much utilized. Awesome awesome talk.



Another cool thing I did this week. I have been trying to stick closer to The Spirit as of late, so that I can follow it's promptings without difficulty or question. So, one thing I did to help with me that is I chose one hymn for every day of the week to sing. So, when we´re walking in the calle, or we have to travel a lot, I pull out my little hymn book, sing the hymn of the day, and sometimes even try to memorize those hymns in Spanish. I think my favorite day is Thursday - I´m Trying to be like Jesus. That's exactly what I'm trying to do out here! Be a representative of Him. It brings me a lot of comfort, and refocuses my mind on my purpose here. So, one of these Thursdays, if you get bored, sing I´m Trying to be like Jesus. It´s awesome.
Allright so this week was an awesome one. Lots of working, not a whole ton of success, but I felt pretty good at the end of the week. First off, I went on divisiones with Elder Oliva - de Honduras. He was Elder Paskett´s trainer! (and yes mom, I´ve seen him here a few times in the mission. He seems to be doing great now). But ok, dang. Elder Oliva? Chuuuso. Que prity, ese mann. This is his first change as a zone leader, and he is magnifico!! I want him to be AP. He is such an awesome missionary, and really taught me quite a lot in one day. Also, things are going well with Melánia :) She wasn´t able to come to church yesterday, because she was sick! Darn it :( But none the less, still progressing quite a lot. She's already read so much of the BOM!! I greatly appreciate the prayers for her, really. Oh how I hope that their marriage papers are processed before I leave the area - I´d love to see her baptism. We might just baptize her 10 year old daughter too that same day - she´s been coming to church with her Mom :)

Ok, so we got another fecha this week!! Hermelinda. She's awesome! A 50-year old lady but her sister is a member. So it's perfect! Anyone we can help receive the blessings of the Holy Ghost is awesome. Her baptism date is set for after I leave the area, but it's allgood! A very wise man once told me, ¨There is no limit to the success you can have if you don't care who receives the credit¨.
I really wish I could write more, but I'm all out of time! I didn't even have time to upload pictures... sorry. I will write more next week about a really cool experience I had this week. I love you all so much!! Have a great week and keep being righteous!

-Elder Clarke

P.S.... I think I´m starting to consider naming my boys after prophets... Abinadi, Enos, and Nephi Clarke. I just got done reading about Abinadi.... fetch that man. What a stud. Just tears those wicked priests to shreads with his words.

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