Monday, July 16, 2012


Chuuuso, it has been a wild week! Sounds like it was a wild one back home too, with Dave working a 16 hour shift (sweet) and Mom taking a hard fall.

First off, changes were this past Wednesday and I was changed to Juan Diaz, Panamá City! I´m in the city!!!! I live in an apartment!! I ride the MetroBus every day!! Everything is modern!! It´s sooo sweet. It´s like New York City, but Spanish! I really really like it here so far. My new comp. is Elder Ramos, from Celaya, Mexico. He is a sweet dude. He came to the mission with Elder Rich, so he´s got about 15 months in the mission now. Something cool about him? He played professional soccer in Mexico before the mission! So he´s pretty much a sick baller with his feet.

The only bad thing about this new place is supposedly we have a really hard area. It´s been a ¨dead¨ area for about a year or more now, and I think it´s gonna be really tough to get things goin´ again. Of course though, if we´ll just be obedient, work hard, fast, and pray, things will work out! If we are prepared to teach and bring pple to Christ, He will more than willingly put prepared pple in front of us, and help us find those who are ready for baptism. I´m super excited to see what´s up ahead. For now, I´m trying real hard to learn the new area and all the new members and such. It´s kinda like I started my mission all over again. Not really though - now I can actually speak spanish, and have the confidence that The Lord is with me in whatever I do and say (as long as I´m living worthily). Tomorrow we have our first district meeting with the new zone - I´m excited. Elder Ramos told me I´m the only gringo in the whole district!! Sweeeet. Looks like I´m gonna learn how to play soccer on p-days, whether I like it or not. Haha.

I just wanna share real quick, these past few days as I´ve been getting to know the new members, it has been SUCH a testimony-builder to me about the truthfulness of prepared saints. Everytime I enter a new member´s house, I ask how they were introduced to the church (almost everyone here in Panamá is a convert because the church is so new), or how they came to know to be baptized. Their stories are INCREDIBLE! Really! Ah, I wish I had time to write all their amazing stories, but just know it´s really awesome. It has inspired me to work harder so that I can enjoy and see those same kind of miracles here in my mission! Hno. Perez and Hno. Marín especially are so great - probly my early favorite members here in the ward. I just know they were prepared in the pre-mortal world to come and help the church grow here in Panamá. They are wonderful men.

Lastly, I just wanna say Jesus The Christ by James Talmage is incredible. The Church could pronounce that book scripture and I wouldn´t have a problem with it.

I hope you all have a wonderful week!! Keep praying and reading the scriptures every day. The basics that help you to qualify for a testimony.

With much love,

-Elder Clarke

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