Monday, July 30, 2012

Tough Week!

Familia!! Les quiero demasiado.

Bueno, first I just wanna say FELIZ CUMPLEÄNOS to Katie!!! 15! Whoa!!! How do you feel, sister? I hope you had a splendid day, and I have a birthday letter that I´m writing you - expect it in the mail someday. Speaking of birthday´s... fam, I would really appreciate it if you´d wish my 4th brother - Matt - a very happy 19th birthday. I hope you guys have all had a great week. Mom, I just want to tell you again, that I am forever grateful for the shoes you sent me. I think now between the pairs, I might have enough to last the rest of my mission! You´re the best.

As for me here in Juan Diaz, it´s been kind of a hard week. Actually, a decently hard week. The rain season is comin´ on strong and as a result, I´ve been blessed with a cold and nasty foot problems.... my feet can never dry off! I have open sores and stuff, hurt´s to walk - it´s kinda gross. But I´m good. Haha. Also, the work here is moving so slow. It really makes me sad. It seems like nobody wants to hear us. And if by chance they let us in, they´re not willing or ready to change their lives. Alma 17:11 brought me comfort again this week - I know I´ve just gotta push through. Something that I know is that God blesses us with trials - they essentially are a gift, not a burden. Trials are a gift from God that help us learn, and ultimately, become better people. I know The Lord is preparing people for me here - I´ve got to continue to prepare myself for them.

A couple things we´ve been trying to implement this week is increase our faith, and put more emphasis on baptisimal dates - even putting baptisimal dates in the first contact or first lesson. It´s helping me I think. Pres. gave an amazing message in the zone conference about how faith, really, is power. We cannot even exercise our priesthood without faith. Faith, truly, is one of the greatest power´s there is. I am continuing to work on my faith.

So this week, I did divisiones with the zone leader´s here in the city - can you say sweet?! Dude, really. I stayed the night in Bella Vista in the assistants house with Elder Whitcomb (the assistants and ZL´s share a house). He´s a new missionary hero of mine. He´s a fantastic missionary. Anyway, in Bella Vista, we worked the day in part of their area that is in the straight up GHETTO. Two gringos - I was kinda scared. I did not feel like I was in the right place. I think it was the most poverty I´ve ever seen in my life, it made me so sad. I don´t know why those people live that way, and I wish I could help them. If we could all just live the law of consecration... man.

Well, my time is just about up, but I will say we had one investigador in church yesterday! She´s come the past two times - Esther is her name. She´s an old investigador from missionaries here before. She´s positive, but we´ve got to get her divorced before she can get baptized.

I hope you guys all have a great week :)

Love, Elder Clarke

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