Monday, January 14, 2013

My parents are one year older!


I was so pleased to open up my email and read that you guys (Mom and Dad) had a great birthday date. Dad is a stud.

Allright well the letter might have to be a little short this week cuz I was writing to Dave about our wonderful family. Anyway, this week has actually been kind of rough. We saw a few baptism fechas fall..... but now we´re working on recuperating them and looking for news. I´m also making some personal changes to try to follow The Spirit more, and we even started contacting a little more! Gotta love the classic knocking on doors. It´s somethin you can only do as a missionary :) Basically, I´m working on putting my trust in God, looking for those that are prepared. According to The Spirit, and those who follow through with their compromisos, that is who we are working with. We are also SUUUUUUUPER (did I mention super?) pumped to hear from Elder Christofferson this Saturday. What a blessing.

So for a cool experience this week. On Saturday night, we were fasting, and we went to Lina´s house (I don´t know if you guys remember her but she was an old investigator who wasn´t progressing because she wasn´t married). Anyway, we went their house and talked with the Dad..... showed them A Proclamation to the World and had a kneeling prayer!! He responded very positively.

Wow I´m so sorry but that´s all I had time to write. I just wanna say that Jesus is the best teacher and Luke is amazing. I love Luke 15-17.

Talk to you all next week!


Elder Clarke

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