Monday, January 28, 2013

"Sea Feliz, Sea Mormon"

Wow, I just got done reading an amazing news article from Jeffrey R. Holland. Thanks Krissy - that was just what I needed today.

 Allright, so this week has been brilliant. I finished reading Luke this morning - reading Christ`s life is incredible. If only I had more study time, I would devour Jesus The Christ. It`s hard though - I`m currently reading the Bible, the BOM, PME, and "Our Legacy" during studies. I think studying may be one of my favorite parts of the mission. Also, we just got done with an AWESOME P-day....... we played kickball! Yeeeeah. Reminded me of 4th-6th grade times. It was way fun though. I even had a home run!

So man, this week I`ve learned a ton. Learned from my comp. too - Elder Aguirre is awesome. I admire his work ethic. His english is improving so rapidly! He will definately be fluent by the end of his mission. That guy is goin` places in life. But anyway, I think I`ve adopted a new theme to my mission. "Be happy, be mormon". The old propaganda of the church totally rings true for me right now. I`ve gotta constantly be keeping with a positive attitude! It`s something I`ve stuggled with lately - no one knows why. Maybe Satan is tryin` to play with me or somethin`. But man! We`ve got the gospel! The restored gospel of Jesus Christ! The gospel that Isaiah prophesied would go forth in the last days! Wow! We don`t have any reason to not be constantly rejoicing and happy! Share that happiness with others! With the world! That`s what we`re called to do as missionaries! "Sea feliz, sea mormon." That`s the key right now. Keepin` the positive attitude. District meeting helped me realize that today too - Elder Kniff and the rest of our district.

Another great lesson I learned this week is there is a very big difference between being humble, and having self-confidence. Self-confidence is the middle ground between humility and pride. I am striving to acheive that perfect balance - sometimes, I think I don`t stand up for anything I know because I`m "trying to be humble". No, I`ve gotta cut that out! One can be humble while at the same time being self-confident and trusting in what they know.

Ok so this week, we did some sweet divisions with the ZL`s. Elder Larsen (from Alabama - cool guy) came to my area and we stayed together for a couple of nights. While together, we put together another awesome "Missionary Wednesday" and then had a sweet group night the following night - human foosball! Elder Kniff`s idea. It was way fun.

As far as investigators, we had 5 in sacrament meeting! Lina and her daughter, Abdianis, Russell, Monica (soooo close to baptism - just waiting for her dad`s permission. Pray for Monica! A friend of Abdianis also came to church :) The Soto family, sadly, is losing interest fast. This makes me sad. That`s one part of the mission work that I don`t like - doing all you can to "invite" and help them come unto Christ, and then in the end they don`t choose to follow. But we`re gonna keep givin` them chances until we`re sure they`re not interested!

I`m looking forward to an awesome week - we`re trying to get in as much work in before "las carnavales" hit in the coming weeks. That is gonna be a total disaster. Here in the interior things get crazy. President Ward isn`t taking us out, either. I`m excited for another week! I hope you guys all have an awesome week too. You guys are the best.


Elder Steve Clarke

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