Monday, February 4, 2013

Good week!

Bueno pues.

This week was pretty great - I can`t think of a better way to be spending my life at the moment. It makes me really sad to think I`ve only got like 10 months left of this. I love being a missionary! I just recieved an email today from one of my old companions, Elder Avery Hill (he`s been home for a while now), telling me his reflections on the mission. I really really loved it! I love that guy. He just helped refresh my thoughts on the importance of taking advantage of the mission. I really look up to him. I also recieved an awesome letter from Adam, Scotty, and Katie (I loved the pokemon drawing, Adam - you`re the bomb). I also recieved a letter from Matt Maddix! I haven`t read it yet though and I`m really excited.

Anyway, this week I learned a lot. I`m trying to purify myself, and really love and look at people how Christ does. I`m tellin` you, it`s not easy! I don`t know how Christ does it. But Christ-like love is what I`m aiming for. This week, we saw a lot of investigators fall..... don`t you hate it when that happens? I remember back in the MTC my teachers told me one of the worst feelings on the mission would be when you saw people taste and feel of the true gospel, and then reject it. And it`s true! It really makes me sad. But, it just makes me wanna go find some people who ARE willing to change their lives, and follow Christ.

A few sweet investigators we found this week are grandchildren of an old grandpa investigator. Quick story: about a month ago, I felt the impression really strong to go help and teach this grandpa - his name is Russell. Really strong impression. Anyway, he hasn`t ended up progressing very much. I kept asking myself "why did I feel so strongly to help him if he never progressed? What was The Lord`s intention there?" But I think we found out this week when two of his grandchildren - Carlos, and Marìa, both asked us to start teaching them and Carlos even came to church!
He`s 16 and he thinks church is "cool". Man, it is hard to find
jovenes like that. Blessing from God and from following the promptings of The Spirit I think. Another investigator we have, Monica, is just waiting for her dad`s permission to be baptized, because she`s under 18. She wants to get baptized so bad! She`s totally ready too. Pray for her!

Well I don`t have a ton of time left so I`ll talk more next week about my new companion?! We just got put in a trio this week. Elder Gonzalez from Guatemala. Sweet guy. Also, we (Elder Kniff and I) went to the city this week for migrations. I`m finally legal! Got lots to tell next week.

Love you all!!! Have a great week :)


Elder Steve Clarke

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