Monday, February 25, 2013

Great week.

Allrighty! Up front, Dad, I just have to say that you are the best father in the whole world. Your example of obedience and perseverance to The Lord over the course of your life is unmatched. Thanks for your example.
Ok! Entonces, que hay pelaos? I hope you guys are all doing as well as I am. I find it curious, we had some real tough breaks this week with investigators, but I`m continuing to be happy! I`m part of The Lord`s work! I`m doing my job! I`ve gotta be happy - I`m Mormon! No reason to get down. This week was changes, and I was granted my wish to stay here another 6 weeks in Penonomè! I love this place. However, we did have another big change here on the other end of Penonomè... Elder Kniff was transferred to my beloved Chorrera.... we will miss him greatly. And guess who came in his place? None other than Elder Huallanca. Yessir, we are back in the same area again! Crazy right? Super cool to work with him again, and see how much we`ve both changed in the span of 7-8 months. We`ll have a great opportunity to work together because we were called as co-district leaders. We`ll be in charge of the Hermanas in Santiago. Sweeet.

So I`ve been learning a lot this week in PME. My particular tema of gusto has been seeking and developing spiritual gifts. D&C 46:8 gives us great advice on how to do so, and I was also a big fan of D&C 63:9-12, explaining to us that we don`t develop faith by seeing signs, sino que the signs follow those who have first believe. A firm testimony first takes action and a leap of faith on our part. I will never forget this principle because of an awesome example Grandpa used with me when I was preparing to come here. It went something like this? Faith can be compared to us holding a lantern in a very dark place. We can only see where we take that light, and sometimes, in order to recieve a blessing or recieve a testimony of something, you have to take a step into "the dark" in order for your lantern, or "faith", to light that dark spot up. If it was all already pre-lit, there would be no necisity of faith. We must guide that lantern, and take it into unfamiliar places, before we can recieve a testimony of such a thing. Thanks Grandpa - I don`t know what I did to deserve him as a grandpa, but it must`ve been something good.

So yesterday we had District Conference in Chitrè. They called a new district president, and Pte. Ward came to officiate all that business. He and his wife gave great talks, as well as the others. Because of the 2 hour bus ride to Chitrè, we weren`t able to bring any investigators. Man, it`s been tough with them lately. It`s really funny how drastically things can change with them in 1 week. Monica`s parent`s had one final talk when branch president wanted to come meet them, and decided Monica will have to wait till October to get baptized. Also, Lina came out and confessed to us she had been "fibbing" so to speak, with her marriage papers, and is not going to take that step of marriage - she`s just not ready for that leap of faith I guess. Man I love those people and it makes me sad when they don`t take advantage of The Lord`s blessings. At least Estefany is still doing ok.

Allright last thing of the day is I wanted to share a mini-personal revelation I had yesterday. Almost everything we do is related to our PERSONAL relationship, and conversion to Jesus Christ, and our PERSONAL DESIRE to follow him. Examples: if members do or do not do their visiting/home teaching, if missionaries obey mission rules, if investiagators fullfill committments, might all lead back to how much we love The Savior. NOBODY can obligate you to obey, do your home teaching, or read the scriptures daily. That is the beauty of free-agency. But, we are all here to learn how to develop that PERSONAL COMMITMENT to The Savior. I know that if we develop it, we WILL do what is asked of us, and we will do the correct things. We should all evaluate our personal relationship and committment to Jesus Christ.

I love this gospel! I hope you guys all have a sweet week.

-Elder Steve Clarke

P.S.... started jogging in the morning again this week.... it`s been a long 5 month break.

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