Wednesday, February 13, 2013

¡Otra semana se ha volado!

Whoohoo! What a crazy week.

So this week has been pretty awesome. We have continued working in a trio this week and will continue to do so until the 20th, when Elder Gonzalez recieves a new companion and goes back to Aguadulce. But until that day, we will have to keep visiting his area (about an hour away in bus) about once or twice a week. I´m sad to say it, but this week has been super dead.... if you remember from earlier emails, we had been awaiting what were "las carnavales"...... man. What a disaster. Waaaaay worse than Chorrera. I saw up front evidence of the reality of the devil, and what he´ll do to a people if they give him any power. Talk about 4 straight days of drunk people and very skimpy dressed women. And beer. Man, I didn´t know people could drink so much beer. Haha. It is also because of these carnavales that we weren´t able to write our families on Monday.... all the stores were closed in both Penonomé and Aguadulce. Sorry! But I´m writing now :)

         So this week I´ve learned how to really trust more in God, and awaiting answers to my prayers - even just in daily decisions in life. DyC 6, 8, and 9 all have good scriptures about how The Spirit will talk to our mind, and to our hearts. I am now implying that in my daily conversations with God, and I´ve found it such a good help and comfort. I wanted to tell a short experience/example. Last week when Elder Kniff and I went to Panamá for migraciones, we also got my glasses and my E´ Aguirre´s glasses dropped off to get fixed by a member in the city (they broke). Anyway, getting ready to head back to Penonomé, we got stuck in traffic - REALLY BAD city traffic. To make a long story short, the glasses place closed at 5, and I told the guy we´d be there before then. Well, finally arriving at 7 PM (because of the traffic), it would´ve been kind of a risky move getting off the bus to go check the glasses place - after all - two hours late right? Of couse it´s gonna be closed. It would cost us another half hour of traffic to get off the bus. But, at the same time, we really needed those glasses! We weren´t planning on coming back to the city until who knows when. So, I said a prayer, asking The Lord if we should get off and go look for the glasses. Immediately, I felt (both in heart and mind), and yes, we should. Well, we get off, and wouldn´t you know it, we walk up to the glasses place as the LAST worker is shutting the door for the day, locking up the place. Man. WHAT a blessing. Both the glasses as well as learning how to recognize and follow promptings of The Spirit. Needless to say, both my comp. and I now have our glasses :) God is always looking out for us, and if we´ll invoke His help, He is there to help us! Sweet sweet.

         Well dang my time is like gone.... man. I have so much I want to write. Ok real quick. Jacob 7, Omni 1:26, and the definition of sacrifice I had great rants on all those things. Oh well, another day.

Love you all!

Elder Steve Clarke

P.S.... I felt a 6.0 earthquake from Columbia on Saturday! Sweet.

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