Monday, October 14, 2013

"Elder, you ready for an adventure?"

FAMILY!!!! How`s it goin?!? Man I've been thinking about you guys lately. Mom talking to me so much about everything at home has really got me missin' you all! But? I now know after this week for sure that there's a WHOLE bunch of work to do before I come home! A whole bunch. As one of many testimony builders, this week was just another reminder of how much God really must love me.

The reason? Well, it started Monday night after we had gotten home from P-day and everything when Elder Saavedra and I are just gettin' ready to plan, when we get a call from Pte. Carmack. This was expected, as we had called him a few days earlier about a marriage/divorce problem we were trying to fix. But anyway, Elder Saavedra answers the phone, and Pte. asked for me. Why me? That was kinda weird - he usually just talks to whoever answers. So, I get on the phone and he says something that I don't think I'll forget for a while.
"Elder, you ready for an adventure?"
I was kinda surprised cuz I thought he was calling for the divorce deal, but nope! He proceeded to tell me that I was gonna have emergency changes!! What? People have had e-changes before in the mission, but never me! It`s kind of a rare occurrence. I didn't know what to expect, but I could not be more THRILLED!!!!! with what has happened.

So I was asked to leave Bocas and come open an area here in Santiago, Veraguas - it's in the zone of Chitrè!! So I`m actually really close to Penonome again. Also, he asked me to come here and serve as DL again and I`m TRAINING again!! What?! I could NOT be more thrilled. So so so happy. I guess an elder got here late from the MTC, (kinda like I did) and they didn't have anyone to train him and they needed to open up a new area. Of all elders, me?! I`m thrilled and so excited. My new "baby boy" is Elder Teichert from Cokeville, Wyoming. He`s a cattle-rancher!!! What? Hahah he's so dang legit. I`m already picking up his western country drawl. He's still 18 and he's a few months younger than Dave! We're here starting literally from zero, nada. We don't have any investigators or anything and we're having to furnish our own brand new house! It's such a tight experience. Sadly, I'm having troubles with my camera so I'll try to send you a pic next week. But it's LEGIT!!

My time is all up but I'll write y'all tons next week! I am so excited to finish my mission this way. It's exactly what I needed and The Lord knew it. He's got GREAT things planned for us here in Santiago. This is where I've got to find my family. He loves me so much - I'm so dang grateful.
Love yoU!
-Elder Clarke

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