Monday, October 28, 2013


Dang. I spent a while going over some of Dave`s letters this afternoon. They are so inspiring! He is such a great missionary - you can tell from his letters! Already so much better than I've ever been. I also appreciate all the thoughts and emails from you Mom and Dad. You guys are stud parents - you both deserve trophies. If they had parent contests...

Anyway, this week was BALLIN!! Time has never flown so fast, really. I feel like I was JUST writing you guys. We spent this whole week just workin' our tails off! We found 18 new investigators this week!! I felt like the first couple weeks were slow opening an area and all, but we're now in the full swing of things! Ready to see some miracles. Changes are this week, but Elder Teichert and I are obviously stayin' together! Going into my last 6-week transfer.  My hermanas here in Santiago have changes, though, which I'm kinda sad about. I've become such good friends here fast with Hermana Torres, from Honduras. As well as Hermana Cuyán, from Guatemala! I will miss 'em, but we should have a sick district with some new peeps for my last change.

Anyway, like I said, this week was just great. Good news of the week? We had 4 people in church!! Bad news of the week? Israel was not one of them..... dang it. We had a miscommunication for our Saturday lesson and we ended up not being able to get him to come to church with his wife. Darn it all. But? I'd like to tell you about 3 young men that came to church - Galileo, José, and Miguel. They are SO sweet!! They are all brothers - ages 18, 14, and 12. And they walked almost an HOUR to get to church!! Their parents are also really sweet and quite prepared! We've just gotta get 'em married. Since arriving here in Santiago, Elder Teichert and I have already fasted 3 times to be able to find the people God has prepared for us, as well as a family. And as of right now, we really think this Acosta family could be the one. Pray for these guys with us. This family has got so much potential if they all become converted. I can't wait to see how The Lord is gonna help us with these folks. Keep praying for Israel too! I'm confident we'll see success here.

Amongst other news, for the first time in my whole mission, I used a LAWN MOWER on Saturday!! What?! It kinda made me trunky, not gonna lie. Man I forgot how much I missed mowing the lawn..... our church building here has a nice lawn so they have a lawn-mower! Elder Teichert and I helped out the Hermana Morales clean up the church on Saturday - she's goin' through a really rough time right now. We actually had a super powerful spiritual experience with her last week that I'll have to write about soon when I've got time. I just love being an instrument in The Lord's hands out here, as well as being able to use the power of the priesthood to bless other's lives - like the Hermana Morales.

Well, that's really all I've got time to write about for today, but I hope ya'll have a great day and I love you all!
-Elder Clarke

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