Monday, May 7, 2012

Good solid week of learning.

Ahhhh, the mission. Another week has flown by and I get to talk to you guys so soon!!! I´m super pumped about it. This week I have improved even more with just about everything - from the language to teaching in lessons to contacting - just about everything. It has been a fantastic week of learning for me. Learning is one of the sweetest parts of the mission. Most importantly, I feel like I´ve finally reached the point with my comfortability (is that a word?) here that I´m getting my personality back!! It´s hard to be yourself when you can´t really express your thoughts and feelings correctly, but now I can! And I am really starting to get comfortable here. I love it :)

Ok, so. We´ve got two more baptisms this Saturday! Elísa y Melaníe! They are so so wonderful. We had their bap. interviews and they both passed with flying colors!! We had 3 lessons with them this week and all three were terrific. The last one especially before the interviews, we were teaching about repentance and baptism/The Holy Ghost, and The Spirit was so strong!! I loved it when Elísa said "every time we have these lessons, and every time I come to the church, I just feel peace.¨ The Spirit was awesome. It really amazes me how The Lord prepares pple. I know He is preparing the younger generation especially - I was told over and over again about that in the MTC - to look for the teenagers and the jovenes - they are very close to God. Closer to God than us older folks (ya, I´m considering myself ´´old´´ right here). ...... Allright, so are you ready for the kicker here about these two girls?? They paid tithing on Sunday!!! And they´re not even members yet!!! Wha?!? Wow... they are gonna be so blessed for that. They are now currently like 500% full-tithe payers. I was so impressed - they will be great members, and someday get married in the temple!!! And then someday in heaven, I´ll be able to rejoice with them!! So awesome. I´ll send pictures of the baptism.

Allright, more good news!! The Lou parents finally got their marriage date!! It is also this week - the 11th of May!! YES!!!! All this work, and finally some progress! I was so happy I clapped for Vielka for a full minute straight when she told me :) Elder Hill and I plan on getting real serious here with the lessons with her and Chino Lou.

I only have like 6 more minutes left on the computer before my time runs out, but I will send more sweet stories next week. I just wanna say real quick that Dave Clarke is one of the coolest pple in the world and is my role model - for various reasons. Also, Dad, I´m so happy you get to talk about Mom next week in church - talk her up for the both of us.

I love you all!!!! Talk to you Sunday!!!

-Elder Clarke

P.S.  Some pics for our SUPER sweet P-day today!! We hiked to Valle de Antón with a few zones today and were literally in the clouds! Like, literally. We were SO high and it was SO cool. It rained on us too, and everything got soaked including my scriptures and 3rd watch (they´ve all broken because of the rain.. .haha) I´ll send more pics sometime soon :) Love you!

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  1. It's so fun to read Steve's blog. He is a great missionary. Enjoy talking with him on Mother's Day!