Monday, May 28, 2012

I Am So Blessed!

Elder Clarke with Panamanian children
Wow, I am so blessed. Guys, every week when I get done reading your letters, I just feel so blessed to have a loving family who I know loves me. I hope you all know I love you too - and I´m so happy that everyone is doing so well!! Congrats Scotty on passing the sacrament - I´ll write you soon. Also, Mom and Dad! Congrats on the new callings!! You´ll be great. Also, I just wanna say that I REALLY wish I could´ve heard Alec´s homecoming talk - goshdang. He is such an amazing guy. I looked up to him my whole life growing up, playing bball and everything. He is soo awesome. Tell him hi for me.

Ok so you ready for this week? Man... it was a long week - poco deficil. There were a lot of highs and lows, to be honest. But I think I came out on top - I´m ready for Wednesday and to get my new comp.! Elder Hill will be arriving in Utah on Thursday evening - I wish him luck with everything!! He has taught me so much this change - so so much. 
Elder Hill & Elder Clarke
Speaking of the man, we celebrated his birthday (21st!) on Tuesday. We ate waaaay too much cake and ice cream that day. But it was cool :) Wednesday and Thursday we went on divisions - I stayed here in La Chorrera and showed the place around to both my District Leader, Elder Jensen (he is suuuper cool - from Harrisville, Utah), and one of my zone leader´s - Elder Biesinger - another super cool guy. I learned so much from the both of them. I seriously feel so blessed to have been put with so many ¨older¨ missionarys at the beginning of my mission so that I could learn from them and also have a good standard, a good goal to work towards.

So you wanna hear about my BOM adventure? I´m now into Jacob and I am LOVING it!! I think I´m reading faster in spanish than I´ve ever read in english. I just love it so much. I can´t wait to get to King Benjamin again - perfect example of humility. We´re lucky we always have his talk to look back at. Also in my personal studies, I´m also done reading the temple magazine that The Church published - and man, I know I´ve probly said it before, but temples are so DANG important. Like, I don´t think the world realizes it. Thanks again, Mom and Dad, for getting sealed. I think we don´t even comprehend right now what a blessing it is.

Allright, so I mentioned this week had been kind of difficult. To be honest, we really hadn´t found any good investigators this week, and nobody was progressing. It´s kind of lame, and it´s also really discouraging when you don´t feel like you´re helping anyone. Anyway, I was feelin´ pretty down because when my new comp arrived I´d having nothing for us to work with - and we´d just have to go contacting every day till we made some progress. Anyway, yesterday at church?!? We had THREE newbies show up - all 3 of them came with members. We got all of their information, and they are golden! Seriously!!! Wow I am so lucky. The Lord has blessed this area so much. Also, I think he blessed me with these investigators after such a hard week. I had been trying my hardest to keep a good attitude and work through it, but nothing was happening. Like the scriptures say, the blessings won´t come until AFTER the trial of your faith. I can attest to that. 2 of the 3 investigators are a couple!!!! Yes!!! Diogene and Tatiana. Can you say temple marriage? We are having a family night with them tonight at a members house (Dad, your advice about members rings so true). God bless these wonderful members who are doing their job and sharing the truth. The Lord will bless them so so much. I´m just the lucky one that gets to do the teaching and see the change in these people. Missionary - best job in the world I think.

Well, that is all I have to write for this week. I hope things continue to go well at home, and Dave, good luck on graduating! Lastly, I just wanna say that I got LETTERS this past week!! Yes! It´s like Christmas. I especially loved Grandpa´s letter - he inserted a part of his life history (Mom, you were part of it) and related it to The Atonement. He is amazing. I enjoyed the sports clippings too - lets just say when I get back, the Jazz are gonna be gettin´ in shape for a title run. Showed everybody up this year making the playoffs :) Thanks for all the letters, I loved them.

Have a GREAT week!

-Elder Clarke


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