Tuesday, May 15, 2012

It's a beautiful day here in Panamá!

Hey family! Long time no see!.... oh wait. I talked to you on Sunday!!!

It was so good to talk to all of you. I LOVED it! You all look so great and, more than anything, I just loved hearing your voices again. Mom, I hope you had an awesome Mother´s Day back at home, as well as Grandma, Kris, Monica, etc. It was great to talk to all of them, as well as Gramps, Ken, and Kory!!! What studs. I thought it was particularly cool that Itzel (daughter of Hna. Carmen) wanted so badly to see Grandpa - she's never seen a patriarch before, and she asked me if I could talk to him again just so she could see what he looks like. Super awesome. I got the final count if you wanna tell Grandpa - there are 7 patriarchs in the country.
Anyway, now for the good stuff. I had a really great week this week. Most importantly, we had...... two baptisms!!! Yes!!!! Elísa y Melany were baptized Saturday evening and confirmed Sunday morning :) So awesome. They came to us and wanted to paid tithing again!! They were so anxious :) Maybe a bit overly-anxious - we might go teach the law of tithing again. Haha. It just shows you how committed they are, though. They are fantastic young ladies, really. I want to see them both get married and sealed here in the Panamá temple in the coming years. Eternal families are the keystone to our religion, and in turn, will help the church grow even bigger and stronger here :)
These girls were baptized by fellow Ward members so that they will
 be able to help keep them active once the missionaries are gone.
Another awesome thing was that..... The Lou's got MARRIED this week!!! Yay!! One step down. We went to the court here in La Chorrera, and they were lawfully wedded on Friday. They did the whole "you may now kiss the bride" thing though and everything. Super sweet! I took pictures (as well as pictures of the baptism), but won´t be able to send them for at least another week because of my computer :(
The kiss makes it official!
Allright, so cool experience. Elder Hill and I went and visited a less-active member this week named Letícia - she is old and has a hard time getting to church. Anyway, we just thought we´d stop by and see how she was doing. As she welcomed us in, she immediately asked "do you think you can heal me?". We were like... um... ya? I think so - why? Anyway, it turns out she had been praying for a few days that someone would come by and help heal her head - apparetnly she had been having some massive pressure/migraines - that sort of thing. So that{s where we came in! She broke down in soft tears and thanked us for coming. We gave her a priesthood blessing (I gave it - my first one in Spanish!) and had a nice chat with her, and then left. She is now doing a lot better and it was just a great experience to be an instrument in The Lord´s hands!

Ok well, unfortunately that´s about all the time I have left for today cuz I wrote Dad back today - he sent me an awesome experience about his mission. I talked to you guys a few days ago though so I think we're good :)
Have a great week!
-Elder Clarke

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