Monday, April 8, 2013

I´m in the ghetto baby!!

Yes. The mission is rocking. I´ve had a GREAT week.

So biggest news of all is that on Wednesday, we had changes. They sent me to Paraíso, San Miguelito!! Yeaaaah buddy. I am officially in a red zone - livin´ in the  middle of the ghetto! I LOVE it. I think I like places like Penonomé better to live in or visit after the mission, but I LOVE preachin in the city - especially now here in San Mig. The coolest part about it is they sent me here to replace Elder Rich as zone leader! So now I´ve got more responsibility. It´s been kinda cool to go to the area that he was just serving in. Something really incredible is that now since   I´m a ZL my ward is SUPER strong (usually the leader´s wards are). But like, REALLLY strong. Complete opposite of Penonomé. I´m sooo excited about that. The members are the key - I wanna take advantage of their help now that I've actually got a good base. It almost feels like being in an american ward. Such a blessing. Oh but wait! The good news doesn't end there! I have SUCH a great companion - Elder Follette. We met each other and became good friends while we were in the same zone together in Panamá. As you can tell from his picture - he´s a boss. He´s got 20 months in the mission and he´s from Springville, Utah. I´m so blessed.

                    Some other thoughts that I had from the changes meeting was a scripture President shared that I really liked - DyC 24:12 - talks about opening your mouth and talking to pple about the restored gospel - I´m always trying to become better at that - contacting at bus stops, etc. I´m not gonna lie, with more and more time in the mission, it gets harder and harder to do, but I´m tryin´ to do it! Also, in the meeting, President Ward did 100 push-ups in front of all of us. Yes, that´s right. He´s 66 years old. What a MAN. He did it to prove a point to all of us that we CAN do crazy, great things. We just have to believe and work HARD. He is such an incredible president. I´m gonna miss him when he leaves in a couple months :(

                    Ok it´s time to talk about conference.... who loved it?! I sure did. Even though I had to watch all of Saturday in spanish (it's so much better in english), I still loved a few talks given Saturday - specifically Quentin L. Cook´s talk about the "peace" found in the world, and the peace that can be found in Jesus Christ. Profound. Also, Deiter F. Uchtdorf´s awesome metaphor about the child learning to walk. Are you gonna get mad or impatient with your baby if he falls down?? Of COURSE not! Equally, God still loves us, even when we fall. To me, it also speaks volumes about how we should view others when they make a mistake. Are we gonna get mad with them? Well if God doesn't, we shouldn't either. View them with eternal potential, and only be disappointed when they fall, and then help them back up.... Uchtdorf - the mean lean german machine has done it again.

                    Sunday, I had a few favorite talks as well. Above anything, Sunday´s talks got me excited for MARRIAGE!!! Yes. Both Whitney Clayton and Elder Falabella gave incredible talks about the importance of the relationship between husband and wife. That´s what I want! I´m pumped for marriage. I loved Elder Clayton´s talk especially. And lastly, President Thomas S. Monson delivered a wonderful message straight from God. Of all the things He (God) wanted His pple to hear, He wanted His prophet to tell the world to be OBEDIENT. I can´t even remember how many times Pres. Monson said that word. Wonderful talk - just be obedient to the commandments! 

                    Well I´ve already gone over my time so I´m gonna wrap up. I love you all SO MUCH! Have a good week dropping Dave off at the MTC! I love you.


Elder Clarke

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