Tuesday, April 30, 2013

"Whatever thou art, act well thy part"

Bueno, thank you Dad for always reminding me of that awesome saying. This week has been really amazing. For starters, if you couldn't tell by the pic, Carl´s Jr. opened this week here in the city - Me and the rest of the gringo elders couldn´t be happier with our lunch today. Something I haven't eaten in quite some time. 
            Ha allright, but for reals, today has been awesome. I had the privilege of going to the temple this morning for the first time in like 5 months! Man it was great. It´s amazing how much symbolism there is there and what you can really learn if you pay attention. 
            As for our area, it´s doing super well. We ended up moving Julia´s baptism up one week cuz the day of her baptism she fell sick.... we were kind of disappointed but it´s not that big of deal. She still has a ton of desire and she should be baptized this weekend. Another investigator I´m super pumped about is Gustavo. I don´t know if I mentioned him before, but this guy is great. He actually reminds me of Dad a little bit. He´s currently trying to get married to his already member wife - their marriage is the 8 of May, and he´s gettin' baptized on the 12th!! Yes!! This guy is the bomb. We've got him doing nightly prayer and scripture reading with his wife, Hna. Medina. One of my best baptisms I think it´ll be, priesthood-wise. Among others, we are working with Joli, Dimitri, and Josue (jovenes) and my favorite: with la familia Gomez - Soto, Adriana, and Davíd. 3 more baptisms that we hope to get in by the end of May. The Lord is blessing me right now with more prepared people than I think I've ever before previously received. It is such a great thing! I hope you like the pics from today, but I should be sending more in white clothing shortly. 
          Just like to share a short experience Elder Follette and I had a little while ago - we were listening to the iPod you guys gave me one morning - "Praise to the Man". We were taking a quick study break and decided to each lay on our beds and just listen to the Motab work it´s magic. Well, I don´t really know how to explain it but as we listened to that song, The Spirit just came into the room so strong, but SO strong! And I don´t know but it just helped my testimony of Josepth Smith so much! It´s not often you hear hymns here in english and I don´t know - the words just touched us both so much! I know Joseph Smith was a prophet and I´m so thankful he was. 
         Well I know that´s not much this week but I just wanna end with something funny: a few days ago in a visit, someone served us a plateful of cheese sandwiches. It just made me remember how I always used to eat cheese sandwiches when I was little - from what I can remember Mom telling me I used to eat one every day. Just so you know, I really enjoyed those cheese sandwiches. :) Well guys, do what you know you´re supposed to do, go to the temple, and I will talk to you in two weeks on Skype! Last time before I come home! WHooHOoo!  Ya´ll have a good week :)

-Elder Clarke

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