Monday, April 22, 2013

Mom, I liked the scripture in Mosiah... thank you! I love you so much and have so thoroughly enjoyed reading email today. Dave`s email was awesome. Unfortunately (but fun) I got an unexpected outpouring of emails this week - one from Elder Farnsworth, Elder Vernon, Jon Walker, Dave`s, Spencer Nelson.... a TON! It has taken so much time to read and respond to all of them today that I`m not gonna have time to write a big letter today. But, I`ll let you know we`ve got two baptisms coming up this weekend!!! :) 

I`m starting to have some really amazing success here. Elder Follette is awesome and I HOPE he stays another change. 

To answer your questions, I received the package recently with the medicine and the belt!!!! Muchisimas gracias :) I think it`s so cool you had a coworker going to Panamà! Cool story. I feel spoiled, truly. Also, I know you`re not planning on sending another package anytime soon, but when or if you do, I think I've actually changed my mind on the other pair of glasses...... the reason? My other pair of glasses got crunched recently.... I accidentally sat on them at a service project and they just busted. So now, I only have one pair - the panama pair - and I`m afraid what I`ll do if they break... I won`t have a backup! Mom, I love you so so much. Have a great week!

Your son,

Elder Clarke

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