Monday, May 6, 2013

Great week!


This week has been awesome! Kind of a hectic one but awesome nonetheless. First of all I got some letters this week and I just wanted to thank Gma, Gpa, and mom´s "missionary mom" letter. All fantastic :)

So I won´t lie, this week I spent the majority of my time OUT of my area, in emergency divisions with Elder Lopez from Mexico/Texas, and Elder Boyd who also just happens to be from Texas. Ha! It was good, but I missed my area. I tried teaching them by example - they had some rough times getting along in their companionship and asked Pres. Ward for emergency changes. Sometimes it´s hard being in charge of so many people. 

The thing that made my week complete was yesterday when Julia got BAPTIZED!!! Whoohoo!! Such a fantastic service. Her testimony at the end was what made it the best. She talked all about how she felt clean and renewed, and about how she was determined to get all of her family into the gospel too. So sweet :) It was seriously a memorable baptism. 

Another GREAT piece of news is that Gustavo is GETTING MARRIED this Wednesday! I´ll try to share pics of them but the computers are being dumb today. We went on Friday night to their "proposal". It was so sweet - Gustavo got down on one knee and everything. Lastimosamente, he has a bigger coffee addicition than we originally thought, and also becuase of his honeymoon, I don´t think we´ll end up baptizing him on the 12th. But it´s ok, we´ll get him soon enough! 
Last night we had a really cool experience - something that idk if it's happened before in my mission - Elder Follette and I were on our way home for the night, just having gotten done teaching Gustavo, and we pass by a couples house that we had visited about 2 weeks ago - they have a BUNCH of marital problems. They´re not actually legally married, but they've been together for years and years. They love the idea of having an eternal family, but as of the last time we had visited, were both just really stubborn and not making any progress. Well, on the way home last night we were just gonna "stop by" to put a cita, but they pretty much just like ushered us right in to talk to us. I guess they had been fighting a TON. Well, we gave them a lesson right there about how love=sacrifice. As we taught, we felt The Spirit a ton, and as we left Florentino (the husband) says "Cayeron de los cielos"... translation: "You guys just fell from heaven". He was so so grateful we had come. It was only then afterward that I realized everything I had just taught was completely The Spirit, and not me. It all just flowed from my mouth and everything. So so beautiful. 

Well, my time is long past over and I´ve gotta end but I love all of you! Have a great week.

-Elder Clarke

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