Monday, May 20, 2013

Otra Semana

President Ward shining Elder Steve Clarke's shoes.
Bueno, this week has been a little slower.... I dunno why but it seems like forever since I talked to ya`ll last Sunday. I will admit I was sad not to be able to talk to Gma, Gpa, etc... :( But I`ll see you all in like 6 months por alli! :) Real quick I just wanna wish a happy late birthday to SCOTTY! Already a teenager?? What is happening! I remember when you were born! Congrats though, buddy - your nike frees are sick. :) Also, CONGRATSSS to Dave for getting to go to Oregon! That`s so cool! Like, for real. I always wondered what it would be like to be a missionary in the United States - now Dave, you`ll have to let me know. Way to go, dude. 

         So this week was a big week of changes. On Wednesday, we had cambios, and everyone went to new areas and such. Elder Follette and I will be staying together another change, but OH how the rest of our zone changed. I`m gonna try to make a good simile to explain what happened on Wednesday.... I feel like I was placed back in 1992 in the Barcelona Olympic games when they announced they`d let professionals play bball, and therefore, the DREAM TEAM was created. I feel like the coach. President gave us all the tools to bring home gold..... ok, so I hope that made sense, but if not - my zone is AMAZING!!!! We now have an ex-assistant here that is gonna come finish his mission in our zone, as well as two former zone leaders who are also leaving soon. What an unbeatable squad! The whole mission knows that PARAÎSO is the tightest zone in the mission... hahaha. Also new here in the zone is an Hermana Tryon from Arizona? She said she shared a bunk-bed in the MTC with Savannah Kendall! Ha! So crazy. She`s in my ward now. 
Elder Follette & Elder Clarke at a service project.
     Allright so apart from that we had an allright week proselyting.... it was kinda slow, I don`t know why, but we didn't have the success we had in sacrament meeting last week. Looks like we`ll have to re-group and try again. Also, I am CRAVING the New Testament - for real though. I`m currently in Hebrews and I`m just flying through the books. I can`t wait to start reading Revelations again. I've found a scripture that I REALLY love: 2nd Corinthians 6:11-12.... I don`t know if it`s the same in english but in spanish it is awesome. Look it up if you've got time. 

Elder Steve Clarke     

         Well, I just completed my 18 month mark.... so nuts! Where has the time gone?! I can`t believe I've already been out here so long! I don`t wanna get closer to going home... gotta aprovechar my time out here!!!! Well, I know this is a really lame letter - but my time is up. I will talk to ya`ll next week. I love you all so much!!!!! Too much. Well, until later.
Elder Clarke

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