Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother`s Day!

Heeeey! How are you guys doin?!? I absolutely LOVED talkin' to you guys yesterday. Loved loved loved it! Although I was pretty bummed I didn't get to talk to Grandma, Grandpa, Ken & Monica, Krissy, Kory, etc. :(  
P-Day Activity at the Panama Canal

First of all I just wanna wish Mom, Grandma, Monica, and the rest a happy mothers day yesterday! I still remember like 7 (?) years ago when little Kenny was born on mothers day - what a sweet gift to Aunt Monica. Haha. 

Well, honestly I don`t feel like I have a whole lot to write today because I talked myself all out yesterday. But this past week was a good one. Like I said yesterday, Elder Hinckley is currently staying with us until Wednesday when he gets his new companion - Elder Ramos finished his 24 months! Apart from that, Elder Follette and I got our wish granted from Pte. to stay together another change. Whoohoo! We had NINE (9) people in church yesterday!! Can you believe it?! Things are looking so up here in our area. In our zone too! Samaria just had a couple baptisms yesterday :) 

Well I`ll share some spiritual insight I guess that I`ve had recently... I`m reading the New Testament and this morning I just finished the Tesalonions - I have been reading Paul`s letters to the church for the past little while. Anyway, at the same time I`m also currently reading in Alma, where Alma the Younger has just given up the judgement seat to go preach to the church everywhere. It`s curious, but I've seen SO many similarities between the two. And not only that, I've seen similarities between them and also with our current profets and apostles today: Thomas S. Monson, Davìd A. Bednar, etc. It`s been so interesting! And, well, I've come to the conclusion that it`s not similarities between the actual people, sino it`s just how the church of God and the gospel is! It is, what we call it in Spanish, "uno solo". It`s the SAME. God NEVER varies. His gospel and church have always been organized under the same principles, and His prophets and apostles have always been told to preach the same crucial things to mankind - the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was just really enlightening to me to find that in three distinct time periods - 1) new testament Jerusalem 2) ancient americas and 3) modern-day restored church - all function in the same manner! Even the little things Paul says like "The church from Jerusalem pays it`s respects to you" compared with nowadays when you hear an apostol speak and he says "on behalf of the first presidency, I pay their respects to you." Ah man. It`s been a great realization. Just like it says in the Bible, God`s ways and word will be backed up by 2 or 3 witnesses - look at what we've got! Such a testimony builder to me. 

Well that`s kind of all I think I`m gonna share today but I wanted to give a couple shout-outs to Justin Brockbank and Angie Gleason?!?!? WOW. I can`t believe that. My first like, dear friend to get married. Congrats. Also, guys, that is CRAZY that you were able to eat lunch with L. Tom Perry!!! Whoa! For real I can`t believe you guys didn't tell me! So sweet though - I`m pretty jealous :)  

Hey well you guys hang in there and I will write you next week!
Elder Clarke
P.S... super cool scripture from Paul: 2 Corinthians 6:12-13

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