Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Another Week on the Books

Whoo! Another week on the books. I cannot believe how fast time flies here. This week, sobre todo, I just wanna congratulate big dog Elder DAVE CLARKE for getting his visa to PERU!!!! I`m sure he`s on the airplane in this very moment. Ademàs, I wanna say I've got the best family ever. Mom, Dad, Dave, Katie (pórtate bien), Scotty, and Adam. Pure show-stoppers right there.

Bueno, this week was decent - what made it good was yesterday. Sunday in sacrament meeting is always how Elder Follette and I measure our success - in how many people came to church. The week of working is like practice, and Sunday morning is game day. We had a decent Sunday with 4 people in church. Davìd`s baptism next week should be great! 

Lots of cool things happened this week. We did another division - this time with Elder Sierra from Guatemala. He is so cool! I will be sending pictures but not today because the computer is lame. Anyway, we were looking for a recent convert`s house when we kinda got lost in the ghetto... haha. Then out of nowhere.... boom! We find Hermana. Olivia`s house who`s been a great member for many years. Before that moment, I didn't even know where she lived! But anyway, we talked with her, she showed us around the neighborhood, and then accompanied us to the lesson! Not only that (here`s the good part), but she introduced us to her son-in-law who`s not a member. Alexander. Another sweet investigator! I`m pretty confident in the fact that God helped us find her house. The lesson we had was sweet too - we taught the Best family, and we gave them our missionary badges and had them teach us! We set up a family home evening with them for next week and we should get some more investies that way too.

Another great thing that happened this week was we were walking down the street when a little Kuna (San Blas indian) kid waved us down from his house. Whoohoo! It turns out he was a member visiting from Arraijan and wanted us to come sing a hymn and pray with his family! So, we did so, and then afterward talked to a Kuna mother there and found out she was a member too! She told us she has a 10 year old daughter, Lizty, that she wants to get baptized. We told her we could help her with that! Haha. So ya, we've had some nice acontecimientos this week :)
The temple trip we had planned with Pres. unfortunately never happened, because our Nica family nor the Gomez family were able to go. But that`s ok! We knew it was The Lord`s will we shouldn't go. Which brings up another thing! Elder Follette and I have been learning lots together about fasting recently. Yesterday was a good fast. We've come to realize that as you fast, you MUST be praying and having faith in the fact that we can understand The Lord`s will in the fast. It`s awesome. I wish I had more time to explain it. Lastly, we've seen many service opportunities recently in the street where we've been able to help, and we think it`s because we've been putting our faith to the test and asking in prayer daily for an opportunity to serve. Man. Learning is awesome. My favorite thing about being a missionary. 

Anyway, I should probly log out now - it`s time. I love this work, I know it`s true, and I`m always tryin' to do better! I hope you guys do the same and that you have a wonderful week!
Elder Clarke

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