Monday, June 24, 2013

¡Mas bautismos! ¡Y cambios vienen! Y "Work of Salvation"? Rivals General Conference

Man. When Elder Holland said last night that there had never been a more exciting time to be a member of the church/missionary, he was totally right!! Man. Just like it said in my mission call, I am now finding to be true... "you will find more joy than you have beforehand ever previously experienced". Dang yesterday was a good day. I`d just like to say that the worldwide mission conference blew my socks right off. It was like General Conference, but all directed towards missionary work! It rivaled General Conference for me. Man it was good.

So changes are coming this week - Elder Follette is getting changed out and I`ll be left to govern all of Paraíso with my new comp! I`m way excited. Way pumped. Yesterday, we had two baptisms - Raul and Litzi! Litzi is the result of that story I told you guys about the Kuna kid who asked us to come sing a song with his family. Isn't that great? :) I baptized her and Elder Follette baptized Raúl. Gustavo decided to wait one more week so that his yerno could be there. It kinda makes me sad that Elder Follette won`t see it cuz we  started teaching him together! But maybe he won`t get changed too far away. It will be a cool baptism to start the next change with with my new comp. Adriana is struggling now too - pray for her so she can get baptized. She`s prepared, but she said she still just doesn't feel ready. Let`s hope that changes. Joli came to church yesterday too! 

Also, as Mom, you already saw, we had interviews - President`s VERY last interviews of the whole mission. So fun! As maybe you also saw, we made my "Dream Team" analogy become a reality :) We made zone t-shirts for the "Dream Team", we put all our names and our favorite numbers on the back - like a legit team! It looks like a championship t-shirt. Hahah. (Oh btw that reminds me - I heard the heat and the spurs were in the finals.... any news on who won?? I hope the spurs kicked their trash.) Anyway, interviews were good. Pres. gave me another blessing and blessed me with some really special things for the last 5-6 months of my mission. Specific things I needed help with too. He is an inspired man. I will really miss that guy. He`s leavin` next week!
Well, I`m practically out of time - I`d like to share with ya`ll a couple of cool experiences I had this week but I`ll save them for next week. I`ll just end with a cool thought I had this week as I read the BOM (I`m flyin` through Alma now). I was reading in chapter 53 about the 2,000 stripling warriors, right? Anyway, I thought of something I`d never had before. I don`t remember which verse it was, but it talked about how these two thousand young men were direct descendants of the Lamanites that Ammon had converted. Then I got thinking..... ya know, I really doubt when Ammon first went to teach King Lamoni and all of the Lamanites, he envisioned that valiant army of 2,000 righteous young men. I`m sure he was just primarily focused in on his goal of teaching, converting, and baptizing the King and his servants. I don`t think he ever imagined that their sons would turn out to be such strong and valiant converts. Then it made me think - and it helped me last night too as I saw that enormous army of missionaries in the Marriott Center - that the work we are doing will reap UNCOUNTABLE CONVERTS as these baptisms - even as jovenes - grow up, go on missions, and teach their kids the gospel. I mean, just look at all the fruits Ammon had from teaching the 2,000 stripling warrior`s parents. Man. What a deal, eh? Just imagine all 7,000+ of us missionaries growing up, starting families, and quadrupaling that number of missionaries, just in one generation!!!! Wow. God really knows what he`s doing to prepare the world in the last days. 

I love you guys and hope you all have a wonderful week! :)
Elder Clarke

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