Monday, July 1, 2013

New baptism! New companion! New mission president!

Yes!!! Life is so good! For real! This week there's been a lot of changes, but all for the good! Not even getting sick could put a damper on my week (I've been sick for like 3 days now, and currently my voice is gone. I like talking in Spanish when my voice is gone :)) I will miss speaking Spanish every day when I come home. But before I say anything about my awesome week, I must comment on how dang good looking Dad's new truck is. Man :) It's perfect. Congrats, Dad.
OK so I'm gonna have to make this kind of a short email, so I'll cut it straight to the chase.  First of all, we FINALLY got GUSTAVO baptized!!! Yes!! He was the guy that got married 3 months ago, remember? We've been working with him since the first week I arrived here in Paraíso back in April. Such a good baptism - him and his wife now will be able to progress toward an eternal marriage. I'd like to come back and visit someday when they get sealed :) It was definitely a special baptism. 

So, we had changes this past Wednesday, and I must admit I was way sad to say goodbye to Elder Follette. I love that guy a lot. One of my best comps., definitely. But.... he just possibly might've been replaced by a candidate for coolest comp. ever. Welcome to Elder Paea
'Atu'ake, straight from the island of TONGA!!!!! Ya man. 100% Tongan. SUCH a sick man. When he started his mission, he didn't really speak English or Spanish..... now he knows both! This guy came straight from the islands, and is SOO dang cool. I can't get it the point across over email. Anyway, this is his first change as a zone leader and I am training him. He has 20 months in the mission, about a month more than me, and this will probably be his last area of the mission. This guy is the man. Funny story about him just to show you how humble he is..... so it just so happens that the very first day of us being companions was his birthday! The catch? He didn't even tell me until 4:00 in the afternoon, and he didn't even tell me! He told a pinche investigator! Haha! It blew me away, and I didn't believe him. Hahah. Anyway, that night after we got done with all the citas, I went and spent the last 5 dollars I had and bought us a big gallon of ice cream and little muffins :) We pigged out - especially him, as you can imagine. Being from Tonga, he eats more and faster than like anyone I've ever seen.

Well that's all I'm gonna be able to write this week.... Pte. Ward se fue :( And Pte. Carmack looks cool - I've just seen a picture of him so far. We'll meet him this Wednesday though in the leadership meeting! I'm stoked. 

Allright well I hope you all have an awesome week! Mom, I love the photo of you at girls camp :) You guys are all great :) Chao!

-Elder Clarke

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