Monday, June 17, 2013


Dang... what a surprise email was this week. First though, I've got to give it up for the world`s best dad!!! Whoo!!! Happy fathers day, Dad!!! You are, without a doubt, the greatest one. You make all the other dad`s look like wimps. Haha :) For real though, I hope you had a great day. I definitely thought about you. You deserve everything you have and more...... including that (what?!) TRUCK you bought?!? DANG! That´s SO sweet :) For real.... man. I squeeled with joy here in the internet café when I read that. Way to go. Secondly now, Mom, I just wanna tell you that I can`t wait to go on a bike ride with you someday on the new trail :) Man, we´ll have a lot of things to talk about. Lastly, I read Dave`s first letter from Peru, and it sounds a lot like Panamá, except for the fact that he has a hot shower?? What is this? Man. Congrats though, Dave. Oh, and Katie, good luck this week at EFY! It really is a life-changing experience if you let it be.

Allright now lets get down to the good stuff - this week was awesome!!! Elder Follette and I did a lot of work. We had some awesome lessons with a few new investigators - one in particular who I love: a little old woman named Rosa. She`s the bomb - super catholic, raised catholic, but progressing! She says she`s comin` to church next Sunday. Another super cool guy we`re teaching is Rubén. He`s also way catholic - he`s got Jehovah`s Witness grand-daughters and we`re teaching them all! They`re a little skeptic, but we threw down a wicked sweet lesson on the Book of Mormon this week with them. Spreading forth the truth.... it is the most joyful thing to do.

So we´re heading into President Ward`s second-to-last week in the mission! Our zone is the last zone to have interviews with them and they are tomorrow! Mom, I`ll try to get a good pic with them tomorrow for ya :) I`m really gonna miss Pres. He is so great. I look forward to seeing and talking with him after the mission as well. Changes are on the 26th of this month and the new mission pres. will be getting here on the 1st of July. Fun! We don`t know for sure yet who`s staying and who`s going here in Paraíso between Elder Follette and I, but we think it`s him. He`s been here for a while, and he wants to go finish his mission out in Bocas, where he was about a year ago. He goin' back home to Utah in just over a month! It is probable that I will train a new zone leader. I`m just excited for changes on the 26th though cuz the assistant`s are setting up a surprise for the whole mission to come to hear his last talk and testimony. He doesn`t know so don`t tell that to anyone ha :) It should be exciting though!

Well we've got 5 baptisms lined up for this weekend!!!! I`m way pumped about it. One of them? GUSTAVO. We've seriously gotta put our faith in practice so that he gets dunked this Saturday. When he walked into church yesterday with his wife Elder Follette and I almost wet our pants we were so happy!!! That guy is a boss. A true miracle story, too. 

Well, I think I have written a sufficient amount today - I hope everything is going well for all of you and that you all have an awesome week! Love you!

-Elder Clarke

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