Monday, August 19, 2013


Bueno. This week was kind of a harder one. I figure it's about time I have more trials in the mission though, seeing as I went through quite a long streak of "good times" there in Paraíso. I think when we look at trials this way - with the eternal perspective - the trials aren't as much of a burden. Trials are temporary, they pass, and then we come out on top....stronger!

But anyway, our baptism didn't ever go through..... and then she didn't come to church! Dang it Yenni. I guess what happened is her ex-husband (who`s a long-time less active member) went to the bishopric during the week and accused Yenni of a whole bunch of crazy stuff to prevent her from getting baptized. So... we've gotta have her get interviewed by the bishop and stuff now. It could take a while longer than we thought. But she's really awesome! She's been investigating the church almost 4 years! Apart from that, our area is really kind of... dead? I dunno - we just don't really have any investigators. Heck, we hardly even have members in our area to help us! So the realization of that this week has been kind of tough, not to mention my ankle is still giving me problems. But, the Hna. Selva is a nurse here, and she's been helping me so much! Her and Pte. Vasquez. Hna. Selva works in the hospital and this morning help me set up therapy sessions to get the movement back in my ankle! That whole Selva family is so so awesome. I'm gonna try to send a pic of them - they are really a remarkable group. Former district president, and their son-in-law is our current branch president! Presidente Vasquez - man that guy is great. He's from Mexico! He has a really cool story - can't wait to tell you guys about him.

Anyway, in other news, the mission got a phone call this week from Salt Lake City concerning us missionaries here in Bocas. They called to see if we were all allright? Apparently in Costa Rica or on the coast or something there was an earthquake... but we didn't even feel anything! Everything "chillin" here. ("Chillin" is one of the many English words used out here in Bocas by the Jamaican people. They speak what's called "Wadi-wadi" - it's like Jamaican English. So sweet. I feel like a gangster when I talk to them. I`ll send pictures sometime of the famous Felix and his Jamaican restaurant :))

Also, Elder Seegmiller, Houghton, and I started the "push-up challenge" this week. Man it is gonna be brutal. But I think we'll finish the change lookin' fine. The first week isn't that bad, but it gets increasingly harder every week so, I'll keep you posted on that.

Well, I suppose I should end on a spiritual note. I am currently in Mosiah again in King Benjamin's discourse. That guy is so humble! I'm also trying to study how The Spirit works personally in my life - how I recognize it and such - to make sure I follow the promptings I receive. Cool connection I made: The Spirit testifies of all truth. Now, truth is all things that once were, how they currently are, or how they will be. So therefore, The Spirit knows of things how they will be, before they are. And THAT`S how He can warn us of things. Man, I gotta make sure I know how to heed to the whisperings of The Spirit. In my studies, I'm also gonna start studying a Christ-like attribute every week, cuz I feel I've been dropping in that.

Well guys, I love you all a whole ton!! I'm excited for the youngins (including Krissy) to start school! Katie, tell Mr. Lind hi for me - I think you'll like him a lot. Also, Scotty, keep playing hard in tackle. Football is the bomb. Parents, I hope you both have a good week as well and that Grandpa returns home soon to his house! Love you!!
-Elder Clarke

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