Monday, August 26, 2013

Dios es bueno.

Man, if you guys knew how much I love receiving your emails sometimes.... I feel so spoiled with blessings a lot of the time. I can't wait to come home and see you all, along with my good friends. But until then, I am growing here in the mission! Mom, I loved that quote you sent me today - thanks. I wanna share one with you, too, that made quite a big impact on me - and it came from your own husband! Dad recently said to me: "Usually, continual charity is given as a gift from God when asked for by righteous individuals for the purpose of blessing God's children." You guys are bomb parents.

Okay so I gotta do this letter quick cuz it's almost time for the zone to get together for lunch. SO..... in case I never mentioned before, Bocas is BANANA CENTRAL. I guess from here in Bocas they produce and supply all bananas to all of Europe! Crazy?! Ya. Let's just say I'm eating a lot of bananas - they only cost 5 cents! And they are so dang good - sin preservatives!

So ya, this week was better than the last. We've still been trying to jump-start the area. I'd say it's been one of my toughest areas - it reminds me of Penonome in a lot of ways. The difference here though is that there is a very high population of native Indians here, the Ngobe Bugle tribe (they're the ones who wear that dress that I send home). And well, their Indian culture makes it a little more difficult to teach. But, it's cool cuz they're direct descendants of the Lamanites! As opposed to a lot of Panamanians in the city who come from Spain and what not. The population here is almost purely indians and jamaicans. Haha it's really sweet. 
We had a good meeting with our branch president, Pte. Vazquez, this week - he's such a stud. He's looking to find priesthood for the branch, cuz that's what we're really lacking. I want to find a family SO bad. It's always been my dream. I recently read an amazing talk by Gene R. Cook titled "Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ" (he actually gave the talk in Peru!) It really reminded me yet again of the power of faith and how I can utilize it here in the mission. I'm excited to be here.

Other happenings of the week: we spent almost half a day painting a fence for a service project! Fun. I'll try to tell you guys more about all that later. But for now, I have to go!! Love you all so so much. Hope you all have a GREAT week! 


Elder Clarke

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