Monday, September 2, 2013


This week was a good one - I really feel good about what we`re doing here in Bocas. The area is finally starting to show some investigators and I'm confident we'll have the area's first baptism soon (this area has never baptized since opening). 

Before I tell you why I'm confident, I need to first tell you all of the EXCELLENT news I received this past week. 1) I don't know if you guys remember when I always used to talk about Monica? She was an investigator I had in Penonome..... well, she got baptized!!! And her little brothers have fechas, too!! It made me so dang happy. Also just a testimony builder to me that God's children get baptized on His time, not ours, and that also, we missionaries are sent here especially to help certain people. Cuz dang! I did everything in my power to get that family in the water w/ Elderes Castejon and Aguirre, and to no avail! Then, President put Hermanas in that area, and BAM! They decide to get baptized. Everyone has got there special time and situation. I was really happy to see the fruits of our labors finally blossom...... secondly 2) Do you remember la Hermana Emilvia?? From Juan Diaz? That made that Indian dress I sent home?? Well, I called her this past week, and....... she's getting ready to take out her ENDOWMENTS!!!! She is waiting to complete her one year mark in the church so that she can take out her endowments!! It's coming up soon, too! Within the next month! I REALLY wanna be able to attend the session with her if I can, but I'm currently on the other side of the country, so that makes things a little tough. Also, her grandson, Ariel (baptized him with Elder Stegelmeier) is very active in the church is thinking about a mission within the next year or two!! MAN! Isn't all of this so great?! I was jumping for joy, I tell you.

Allright so I gotta tell y'all right quick about la hermana Maria. She is so great!! We got a baptismal date with her this week for the 22nd of September!! We originally talked about it for the 14th, but then she asked if she could change it cuz her birthday is the 22nd!!! Ah! She's been investigating the church for almost 2 years now, and she's finally going forward with the decision to get baptized!! Again, every missionary is sent to help certain people. God is so good to permit us to help His children in special ways! In the lesson where we put the fecha especially, I completely felt the whole thing guided by The Spirit. I felt that when I talked, it was just the power of The Spirit of God working through me - like I was literally just the instrument. Being a tool in The Lord's hands really is an incredible thing. So ya, keep your eyes peeled for Changuinola 3's first baptism come September! Si Dios quiere, pasará. You've always gotta remember to approach every baptismal date humbly - cuz it's not you that is getting the baptism - it's all on The Lord`s time! Humility.

Among other news, we met and visited a guy this week who's inactive in our area.... man it was the saddest thing. Such a great guy, who has simply let go of the iron rod of faith, so to speak. He's having a hard time believing the basic principles of the doctrine such as José Smith, Libro de Mormon, etc. It's so sad! We`re tryin' to help the guy. Dear Eduardo Williams. We gotta utilize the gift of faith!! 

Well, I would write more if I could, but I'm all out of time today. I was thrilled to see you guys had a fun time at Timp. Such a great memory I have with you and Dave, Mom. I'm gonna take my wife there too. Also, Katie, I can`t believe you've got your driving permit. ¡¡¡TEN CUIDADO!!! (Be careful)

Love you all! Have a great week. 


Elder Clarke

P.S.... attached some pics of our P-day today.

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