Monday, September 30, 2013

La hora para esforzarme

Bueno, pues.

This week . . . . what a fast one.  SO fast!  I am really starting to get nervous about my mission ending.  I'm now down to 10 P-days and counting!  That's . . . . nothing.  Oh man.  Such a good week though.  Oh how I will miss the mission.  Something that Elder Whitcomb once tried explaining to me that I didn't understand until recently was how great the mission really is.  In what sense?  let's think about it . . . . when I go home, I have to start worrying about money, work, school, homework, church callings, college "life" (girls and dates and such), buying gas for the car, etc, etc, etc.  The list is endless.  Here in the mission?  All you've got to worry about is your investigators and your zone.  Punto.  QUE FACIL!!!  I'm by no means saying the mission is easy, cuz it's not, but, dang.  The mission just seems so much easier and better than life back at home.  All I have to do here is worry about other people.  When I go home, it seems I'll have to be worrying about myself a lot of the time.  I've gotta value this time.  I'm sad it's ending!  So, I just wanna say real quick: 1) Adam, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!  9 anos!!!  Dang, man!  How do you fell?  I'm so excited to see you, go on bike rides and play ball with you and Scotty.  Also, 2) Dave, CONGRATS on training!! Dang, bro! I've never seen a gringo train that fast here in my mission.  How are you such a good missionary already?  I look up to you so much.  You're gonna have to teach me Spanish when you get home.  So this week blew by -- I think I already mentioned that.  But it's cuz we did so much service this week! Man! We also put 4 fechas.  Elder Saavedra is a blessing fallen from heaven.  He is SUCH a tight guy!!  He's already turning into one of my favorite comps.  Such a stud, and more than anything, he's motivating me so much! He was exactly who I needed. It's great how God just helps you out, giving you exactly who you need.

Elders Saavedra and Clarke at Jeny's baptism

The two huge services we did was one in El Silencio, El Empalme on Wednesday with Elderes Aguirre and Serna (helping a family move into their newly purchased home) and then Saturday en las 30's.  Allright, ya'll gotta understand how much I love this place -- Las 30's. It's a part of my area that's like 30 minutes hidden into the banana fields.  Those that live there are pure indians, and it's so dang sweet!  Mom, Dad, we're totally coming to Las 30's when we come to visit. Hermano Bonilla, one of the coolest members in our ward, lives out there, so we helped him help one of his neighbors move a GIGANTE pile of dirt with shovels.  It took us from 9 AM - 2 PM.  Just pure dirt and shovels -- I felt like I was in the movie HOLES.  Elder Seegmiller and I even started singing the song.  Hahah. Hermano Bonilla is so sweet though.  He is Dad's latin twin.  When I get my camera back, you best believe I'm sending ya'll a foto of Hermano Bonilla.  He reminds me so much of Dad.  His personality, his laugh, his stature, everything.  He's even a convert that went on a mission!  Can't wait for you guys to meet each other.

So, for our fechas, we should have a couple baptisms come from out there in Las 30's -- the Bonilla family is doing their job out there and is befriending people and bringing them to church.  One of our greatest difficulties in our area is that we're so dang far from the chapel, and a lot of our area is poor natives, they don't have money for a taxi and don't want to walk.  It makes things tough.  But, in the morning yesterday we woke up super early to go find Daniel and we walked to church together.  He stayed all three hours!  He's 16 and such a good guy!  Not like most teenagers.  Definately a escogido.  Our two most positives right now and probly him and Lorenzo, a friend of Hno. Bonilla.  Things are looking up!  Even if I don't have any more baptisms here in this area, I know Elder Saavedra will after I leave.  He deserves them too.  The im,portant thing is that we're finally jumpstarting this area after it having been dead for so long!  Like Alma, I give thanks to my Heavenly Father for letting me be an instrument in His hands to do good work here among His children.  Well, this next week should be the fastest one of my life!  We're traveling to Panama this week for consejos, we get back Thursday, work for two days, and then . . . . GENERAL CONFERENCE!!!! It's like the NBA finals.  I'm so dang pumped.  The hours for the sessions here are weird though this time!  Here is Bocas Saturday the first session starts at noon, the second at 4, and the Priesthood session goes from 8-10 at night!  Crazy!  Party!  I love the mission.

Love you all so much and hope you're all safe and sound this week.


Elder Clarke

P.S. . . . Elder Seegmiller and I planned a double date we're gonna do back at Provo someday . . . . . it includes seronading mexicans outside the mexican stores with our spanish music solos, and then using the money to go buy plantains and cook patacones with our dates.  Ya!

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