Monday, September 16, 2013

22 months!!

Man... I can't believe I left home 22 months ago....I'm so glad they're giving me an extra month - I'm definitely gonna need it.

So this week was a pretty good one - we didn't have a whole lot of time in the area because of travel, but it was a good week of reflexion and helping me prepare for this upcoming change. I only have 2 left!! We got the news on Saturday that my comp. has changes and will be leaving Tuesday afternoon to Panama.... I'm grateful I get to stay behind and wait for my new comp. with Elder Seegmiller. That bus ride is brutal. This could possibly be my last comp. of the mission! Crazy.

So, when we went to Panama, while waiting all day for the bus and meeting to start, I aprovechared the opportunity to go to.... Barrio Centro! Yep! I went and visited with Hna. Carmen again. Man how I love that lady. Really, I do - when I went back, I felt like that was my home here in Panama! I most definately will go again before I leave. 

Afterward, we had the consejos meeting in Cardenas by the temple - it was a good meeting. It's amazing to me how much and how fast Pte. Carmack is changing this mission. His authority here is so obvious - it's a testimony builder to me that he was called by revelation. He's beginning to implement exactly the changes that this mission needs to grow and become more successful - the thought even crossed my mind that it's kind of a bummer I won't be here too much longer to see Pte. Carmack's vision totally come to pass! He's a great guy. He's also coming this weekend to Bocas for our district conference, as well as renew my temple recommend that expired last month, and interview Jenny for her baptism! Should be good.

So, after the meeting in Cardenas, we drove back to the other end of the country (the other zone leaders flew by plane - we're special like that) with the assistants, Elder Hawks and Elder Laurino. They are both great. Elder Hawks, you guys know, was in my MTC district, and we continue to be really good friends. I actually look up to him quite a lot. He's a very humble person that I'd like to be like someday. We all enjoyed the all-night drive before arriving in DAVID at 2 am (Yes, Mom, I finally went to David) only to sleep a few hours before the multi-zone conference at 9 am. It was pretty amazing as well! Elder Ochoa came, and he counseled us all so well. Also a very obvious servant of God, called by revelation. 

Multi-Zone Conference with Elder Ochoa

Well, that is all I think. If all goes how it should, Jenny should get baptized this weekend. Pray for her please! I'll let ya'll know how everything goes. I'll miss Elder Olivas and Elder Houghton (Elder Seegmiller's comp.), but at the same time I'm definately ready to get crankin with my new comp. Hope you all have a good week!

Elder Clarke

P.S.... this morning was reading Alma... man! Too good. 38:5,14 39:12-19, 40:9. The Book of Mormon is so dang true.

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