Monday, September 9, 2013

Una semana de aprendizaje

Guys, isn't Dave the best?? I just got done reading his weekly email - he`s such an awesome missionary. He inspires me, for real. You guys are all so great, too. Dad sent me possibly the best letter I've ever received today. I don't know what the heck I did to deserve you guys as family, but I feel like God has spoiled me a little bit. 

So this week has been kind of a tough one, mainly because we've been a little uptight about all the conferences, interviews, zone baptisms, and leadership meetings that are coming our way. When you're 13 hours from the city, things get a little stressful when you have to travel - a little bit of pre-planning is required. Haha. But it's good. As for our investigators, we weren't able to find too many this week, but we made progress with both Jenny and Maria. Maria won't be getting baptized now for a while longer than we thought.... the reason? Her "spouse" turned up out of no-where (he'd been missing for a month) and they are set on continuing to live together. So, we're going to have to go through a long process of divorcing and marrying them first. But hey, it's all good! They both came to church yesterday!! They want it - it'll just take a while. Jenny also came to church - she seems to be on the right track for the 21st. It'll be harder to be there to support her with this crazy week ahead, but I feel like if The Lord permits it, she'll be prepared for that day. I can't even tell you guys how bad I wanna baptize in this area. 

So I've come to a conclusion.... looking back on my mission, I have learned QUITE a few things. After now having read what Dad wrote to me, I know (and was reminded of the fact) that God has sent me here to Panama for a purpose. It's because the things I've learned here, I don't think I would've been able to learn them in any other place - Panama was the designated place for me to learn them. He had things prepared for me here to learn. Now, these things I've learned are obviously supposed to help me later on down the road in life. But you know what? If I don't APPLY them and make them part of me here on the mission, what good are they gonna do me back at home? From now until I leave, I need to review all the things I've learned and put them into practice here - now! I feel like I've now been here for so long I sometimes just fall into routine. I`m talking mainly about Christlike attributes. Charity and love, patience, and humility. I have to work to make them part of me before I arrive home, so that God can use me how he has always intended to after the mission. I just wanna be the best prepared I can be after the mission to serve Him and help His fellow children here on earth. 

Well, I know I didn't write a whole lot today, but my time's up. I`m excited for another week! Buying our tickets to go to the city today - we leave tomorrow! Being a leader is fun, but it's hard to do a good job at it. I'm always trying to do better!
Have a wonderful week!
-Elder Clarke

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