Monday, August 5, 2013

You`re gonna hate me..... but I`m not gonna write a letter home for the blog this week. :(

Mom, you`re gonna hate me, but I simply don`t have time today - a general authority is coming in September and we have to fill out a survey for him and it takes a long time..... I`m so sorry :(
Pero la verdad is there`s not a lot to report...... my foot is still really bothering me. We weren`t able to work that well this week because of it. Changes are this Wednesday... I will be leaving this zone - I don`t know to where though. I`ll tell you next week. We found a WAY cool family though this week and I`m really excited to see what happens with them in the coming months. I LOVED all the good news from home and that Katie went on a date! And CONGRATS with your schooling!! I love you so much mom. Give everyone my love and especially Grandpa! And Dad! AND YOU! Love you all. I`m sorry about this week.
Love your son,
Elder Clarke

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